Do I need a permit for converting electrical to gas cooktop?

chaocaiOctober 24, 2011

Asked appliance store/contractor, some said yes some said "not really". What'd be the problem if I don't apply for permit for the job?

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Is gas already there? If so both would have been inspected at time of installation

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It depends on your locale and exactly what you're doing. If you need to run a gas line to your kitchen, then you probably do need a permit. If you're just hooking up a new cooktop to an existing gas line then probably not. Best to check with your town's building department.

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There is gas to the house - furnace/water heater. But we will need to run the gas line from another room to kitchen. Then convert the current cooktop electrical outlet from 220V to 110V. So sounds like I have to get a permit then?

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You need a permit for what you describe.

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If you've already got a 220 line in that location, have you considered induction? It gives you the ease of cleanup of an electric with the sensitivity and flexibility of gas...some think it's the best of both worlds.

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Trixieinthegarden, thanks for the advice. I've already bought a gas cooktop. I heard that induction is really good except it has requirements for the cookwares.

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You need a permit if you live in a jurisdiction where one is required. Out where I live (unincorporated county) there are no permits or inspections needed.

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I wondered the same thing, so I checked with our gas company. I found out that yes, a permit is required. They said a licensed plumber has to come do the work. When they are finished, an inspector will come and sign off on it. Only then can the new gas cooktop be installed. When I thought about it, I realized that gas is nothing to fool around with...I want to be 1000% safe. It's not worth risking our safety (or our the safety of surrounding homes, for that matter) by cutting a corner or two.

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Chaocai: it will vary by region but I think many regions are like mine where for the gas you wouldn't need a "permit" but just have the work signed off after install which most installers will arrange for when they are done. As for the electrical you can buy a device at home depot (or where ever) that plugs into your 220 range outlet and converts it to a reg 15a 110 outlet and no permit is needed, plus if you or anyone else ever goes electric again, the wires are still there.

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Technically, you can probably get away with not getting a permit *but* if you don't, you might run into problems if there is ever a fire or you try to sell the house. Insurance companies are notorious for finding ways to get out of paying and construction or utility work, gas and electric in particular, done without permit is a definite reason they could use to reject your claim if there were to be a fire. That said, I personally don't think the inspection by the city/county really adds that much to actual safety. I've never seen an inspector go under the house or check any junctions for leaks etc. They come out, make sure your pipes are of a minimum size and make sure they are sealed with fire chalk and then leave. Yes, it does prevent a plumber from doing a hack job but you would do better finding a good plumber to begin with. So, I would suggest getting a permit just to make sure you don't have problems down the line *but* make sure you find a good plumber with plenty of good references.

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