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jkom51October 31, 2012

Several previous discussion threads had comments from those who mentioned "chemical smells" from certain rinse aids. I read them but didn't contribute, as we've never had any issues except for a Kenmore/GE DW that couldn't clean the dishes at all but refused to break down, LOL.

We bought a KA a year before phosphates were banned completely. Based on advice from this forum, I switched from Cascade Gel to Quantum tablets and was amazed at the difference in cleaning power. We were very pleased.

Now, I do hate ripping those little foil wrappers off. I try to remember to do it before I load the DW, but sometimes I just forget and then I have to wrestle the wrapping off with greasy wet fingers. Very annoying!

I accidentally purchased the Quantum gel paks and finally got around to opening the box. Wow, much easier to just drop the little pak in, although it barely fits in the KA dispenser. Ran the DW and went to empty it the next day...


Like one of those cheap air fresheners that hides odors by giving one an instant headache from their fake, perfume-y smell. And the plastic containers "hold" the smell - I have to air them out on the counter for a day or more longer before it goes away.

Going back to the powder tabs. I couldn't believe it; there's no smell at all I can detect from the powder detergent. Never buying those gel things again.

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The only Quantum one I've used is called "Quantum Finish", it has the blue and white powder with the red rinse aid in the center. I used it for about a week last year, and there wasn't any smell, but started to discolor some plastic items (cups). I then went to the Method Smarty tabs and have been using them ever sense. No smell and cleans well without being to harsh. This is being using in a Miele Diamante Plus dishwasher.

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I've been using those same Finish Quantum tablets for years, and always been very happy with the results. Mostly, it was out of necessity.

We had to use the tablets because our old Kenmore Elite (Whirlpool) soap cup had a randomly bad habit of opening immediately, releasing all the soap. With the tablets, I waited 5 seconds after starting the DW, if I did not hear a clunk sound of the tablet hitting the floor of the DW, I knew all was okay and it was safe to leave the room.

We're getting a Bosch DW with our kitchen renovation, and it hope they work well in the Bosch.

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jkom51 - I'm not sure what foil wrapping you're talking about. I recently switched to Quantum Finish and they're the same ones that fauguy is talking about - cubes with blue and white powder and a red tablet inside - they have some kind of clear wrap around them that you don't remove - it dissolves in the wash.

I've been very pleased with how well they perform.

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@weissman - the Finish Quantum tablets I've been using, blue & white rectangle with red ball in center top, come wrapped in thin plastic, similar to the type the snack-size Halloween candies come wrapped in. It is a bit of a bother for me, to have to remove that.

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Cavimum - read the package - you're not supposed to remove the "thin plastic" - the capsules are wrapper free - the outer coating that holds the capsule together dissolve during the wash.

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I think Cavimum is talking about the Finish Power Ball Tabs. They are a hard tab that has a plastic foil around them that has to be removed. The Finish Quantum is the soft squeezable tab.

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@jakvis must be right. Everything is packed up in a box in the basement, since I am without a kitchen and appliances right now. I thought it was all the same.

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I used powerball tabs with the Builders grade GE that was in the apartment I'm renting out now and they did well. also Cascade complete powder was fine too with no odd smell. never tried Quantum. I got a box of Finnish power ball again at Bj's for the new Frigidaire Gallery I'm installing in my current kitchen. I hope the formula has not changed in the last year or so since I had a dishwasher.

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I am with Fauguy, I like the Method Smarty Tabs (unscented version). For me, the biggest thing is that Method Tabs do not have the smell of bleach. I've used Finish Quantum, and agree they are effective, but I do not like opening the DW, and smelling that bleach and chemical smell.

Another thing I really like about the Method tabs is that they are easily broken in half. As has been discussed several times on this forum, the amount of detergent should be adjusted depending on the hardness of your water and how dirty your dishes are. If you use too much detergent (i.e. usually if you follow the manufacturer's instructions, it's too much), your dishes and glasses may get etching or a white film. I can easily break the Method tabs in half, I don't have to mess with a wrapping, and my full load of dishes comes out perfectly with a half tab, unless it's a tomato-sauce-type or greasy dinner, and then I use a full tab. (My water is slightly hard).

Here is a link that might be useful: Method Unscented Smarty Tabs at Target

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