Cleaning Le Creuset Roaster

sailfishJanuary 21, 2005

Just wondering.. I bought a Le Creuset Roaster and we use the pan a LOT for roasting chickens at 450 degree's. Due to it's continous use the pan is starting to look a little grubby. I use softscrub and do the best I can to get it off but it's gaining on me bigtime now. Can I put that pan in the oven when I use the self clean feature? Surely the pan has been that hot before durring the enameling process. Anybody have any thoughts? TIA

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I had some enamel pop off a Le Cruset Dutch oven when I was making some cranberry jelly, forgot it and it got too hot ( cooked that jelly to the hard crack stage! LOL!)
I just learn to love the look of a well used pot...
Also a soak in some Bar Keeper's friend may help a bit...but I don't sweat the stains.
Linda C

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Try Dawn Power Dissolver. That should get it good as new if it's baked on grease. Might take a few uses. I wouldn't put in through the self clean cycle, as it might damage it. If it's just stains some people have had great luck using those magic erasers. Say it takes off stains like wiping a blackboard. Also try heating the pan with a bit of water, and try to loosen the crud with a wooden spoon, like deglazing.

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Is your LC roaster the cast iron or enamel? We were told that the cast iron roasters should not be used for roasting/baking over 350 degrees ~ they are made for long cooking times at low temps (according to the salesperson). Same salesperson said that high temp cooking will erode the finish.

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Hmmmm.... The LC roaster I think is a cast iron pan with a lovely red enamel finish. I think it's the most well made pan we have. No signs of damage at this point and I don't think I'll try cleaning it in the oven. I'll try some of the products mentioned. I use it at 450 degrees at least three times a week cooking chickens. Had it for 4 months now. The Mrs. Complains it's too heavy. So I usually clean the pan. I'm so impressed with the quality I would buy another LC product in a heartbeat. Just have to have my head examined before I scratch out another check.

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I'm wondering if I misunderstood the salesperson, or she furnished us incorrect info ~ either way, I'd love to be able to use the LC for high temp roasting without worry, they are awesome pans!
BTW ~ anyone know if they should be used with convection roasting or the regular baking feature for best results?

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Oh I'm Sure the salespreson was right on the money as far as manufactures recomendations are. I'm probably pushing the envelope at 450 degrees. Hope it don't break. I love this pan!

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All of mine are great, too--the oldest is about 30 years along. If what you're talking about is discoloration of the inside, use some bleach/water solution in it. Works wonders; just don't do it too often.

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I've started using Astonish Paste (available at restoration hardware). It works great for the inside of the LeCreuset pans. Even mine that were 20+ years old and looking kind of shabby are perking up beautifully without bleach.

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Le Creuset also distributes a special cream for cleaning their pots. It works well. I got mine at Sur La Table.


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FWIW, the knob on the cover of the Le Creuset pans is only supposed to go in the oven up to 400 degrees.

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Regarding temperature - I just went to the Le Creuset web site and found the following:

"Heat Resistant Plastic:
Products with these handles or knobs can be washed in a dishwasher. They can be used in an oven, but the maximum temperature should be no more than 450°F/232°C in order to protect the plastic. Care should also be taken not to leave these handles touching the hot oven sides as damage may occur. These handles are not resistant to the direct heat of a hot broiler. Such direct heat will cause damage by blistering and cracking the plastic.

"Phenolic knobs are heat proof to 450°F. Further, it is best to keep phenolic knobs away from the heating elements in an oven as the temperature in this area is generally hotter than the temperature throughout the oven."

It also gave 450°F as the max temp for the pan.

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Someone recommended fume free oven cleaner, and it worked great for me. Thanks.

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Hmm...I use my Le C Dutch oven for n o knead bread....but I remove the knob first and stuff the hole with foil....doesn't hurt the pot at least hasn't yet.
And I have a le cruset oval baker that just fits a chicken for a quick 450 roast....been doing that for years....
And I also have Le Cruset Dutch oven with metal enamel handles...I have never roasted at higher than 400 or so in that mostly I use it for stove top stuff...unless I have a man in the house! It's too heavy for me to get out of the oven when it's full of stuff!
Linda C

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I have used Barkeepers Friend on mine. It does the job.

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I heat mine with a dilute dish detergent and water solution on the stove top at low temp and simmer until any baked on crud comes off. Sometimes help it along with with a little agitation from a wooden spoon. I've also used a few drops of bleach in water the same way. Much as it pains me to admit this, I have owned much of my LC since 1975, when I dragged it (and my copper) back from living in France. Still looks great (and has held up better than its owner). LC actually replaced a chipped glissamail frying pan of mine when it was about 15 years old. Said the chip shouldn't have happened. They no longer made that pan, so they replaced it with the closest match. LOL! I do use the metal-handled roaster at 450, not the others.

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Le Creuset sells a replacement handle for their dutch ovens made of stainless steel, so it's good for high temps. Oven safe to any temp. $10.


Here is a link that might be useful: replacement knob on Amazon

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