Cuisenart Black Cookware - Does it get scratched?

derbydad03January 6, 2010

I bought the set of Cuisinart MultiClad Unlimited Cookware shown here as a Christmas gift for my wife.

Here's our concern:

She's worried that the black coating on the exterior is going to get scratched up and the cookware will become very ugly very soon.

Right out of the box, we can see some slight markings on the exterior and we are wondering if they will just get worse.

We don't have room to hang the cookware, so they are going to be stuffed into cabinets.

Any other comments on this cookware set would certainly be welcome.


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Yes.....that anodized aluminum will scratch....
And that's one of the reason's I don't like other reason is it's subject to warping.

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I already returned the set and am now looking for a good price on the MultiClad set that is all stainless - unless you want to steer me in a different direction.

I paid $250 for the anodized set but it looks like the stainless will run about $300.

Ah well, the wife's well worth that amount!

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Have you looked at Tramontina from Wal Mart? It gets rave reviews and is very reasonably priced. I got the large saute pan just before Christmas and so far, have been very pleased.


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