6 quart all clad stockpot for curries?

illinigirlJanuary 8, 2014

I was looking to replace a beat up pan of this size and wanting to go with one of the all clad lines. Would this be an appropriate use for the pan I want? I will be using oil to stir fry the onions and spices before the liquid is added. Will I have problems with oil spatter marks on the sides of the pan?

The reason I prefer this past shape to saucier is because of the short handles both sides vs the saucier which has the long handle on one side.

Any advice? Do I need tri ply when cooking on gas?

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I have one of these stockpots. I use it for cooking pasta with the included insert, and for making soups. It's very nice with a heavy bottom. I use it on a gas range. Not sure what you'd like to know about it.

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