Wolf Convection Steam Oven

cata3October 23, 2011

I just noticed this new oven on their website. Available early 2012. Judging by the dimensions of the sheet pans that come with the oven, it looks to have a good size interior but the interior might be all stainless steel. I can't tell from the photograph. If used for baking and roasting, how hard would that be to clean?

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About as easy or hard as a microwave with a stainless interior is.

Which is the same or harder or easier to clean that a porcelain interior oven.

It all depends on your perspective and personal issues. I hate porcelain interiors and there are people here who think the SS is a real bear to clean. Who's right ??? Both, neither ?

I'd get it if it meets your needs and budget and just live with the maintenance - whatever it turns out to be.

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Antss, thank you for your reply. I am really looking for a small oven and was set on getting two 24 inch Miele's but I am worried about the ovens not keeping proper temperature. I never use a microwave so their speed oven wouldn't do. I want a small oven so bad, I am seriously considering the GE single double wall oven. Any other ideas?

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24" is tough these days.

If you can even find a 24" miele today it'll be the older Novotronic series which was a different platform then the Masterchef units some people around here claim to have issues with. I had two of the 60cm in my last everyday kitchen and they were top notch if small.

I'm not disputing that some or even all of these new ovens read differently on someones own thermometer. What I do know is we have no callbacks on 50 or so of them in the last 3 years because granny's cookie or cake recipe that called for 325 degrees are getting messed up because the oven is actually 250 or 410 degrees.

I know of few things that need super accurate/ precise temps. on a recurring basis. These are not science projects.

Re the speed oven vs. the steam oven - no contest for an everyday user. The steam oven is a niche player and not very versatile. It's interior is VERY small.

The speed oven is really a miniature full sized oven that happens to have a microwave in it. It has a broil element , a bottom heating element and a convection fan element as well as the microwave. It's interior is much wider compared to the steam version.

If you want 24" you should at least consider it but they are $$$.

There is little choice these days: The Fridge-more brands at sears still have them with no frills, Kitchen Aid still has one, Fagor, Summit, DeLonghi,and Fisher Paykel have euro style models. SMEG has at least one and IKEA migh have one at 24" too from Whirlpool. Might find a new / old stock Gaggenau or Miele too.

I guess that's not as bad a selection as I first thought.

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There have been Zero Complaints (as far as I recall) with the Miele Speed ovens, and those that have them are very happy with them and this comes from an (Elux Speed Oven Fan), but I tell it like it is, (Call me Antss Jr, or is that Sr?)


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If you are not in the least interested in a steam oven then skip it. But if you have the tiniest interest you may use want to look more into the oven. I have the gaggenau combi steam and I use it every single day. This surprised even me but the oven is so versatile that I use it for steaming and baking and roasting . It is smaller on the inside than the regular oven but it will fit most things and I choose it over the 30" oven almost always - except for trays of cookies.

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I am looking to buy a steam oven also. Does anyone know the price?

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^^^ about a grand for a free standing Sharp to $3000-$3500 for a built in.

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Has anyone this unit? Feedback on performance?



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@ Michelle: It's technically not out yet so... no. It's not made by Wolf though... And unfortunately I can't remember who the OEM was.

Anyhow, steam ovens are great and "comb"i steam ovens are awesome.

To the OP: If you can afford the Gaggenau 60 CM Oven and matching 60 CM Combi Steam Oven you should pull the trigger on them and be done. If you can't swing the Gaggenau's then buy the Miele 60 CM Oven and pair it with the Speed Oven. Miele DOES have a Combi Steam Oven they just haven't officially made it available to the US market at this time. I've heard rumors that it might happen this year but you never know with Miele. I actually saw it in their test kitchen at their showroom In Princeton back in the begging of 2009... it kills me that it's still not available. :(

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Thanks HIlferty...if you remember the OEM, let me know. I know the Wolf is not a Gagg but it also doesn't cost as much.



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Any one with experience yet? Dealer said they are available now.



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Recently went to a Wolf/Subzero demo w/ my KD and GC. I was fortunate to get to see this new oven. They made sample meals, Salmon, asparagus, tater tots, wedge fries and a puff pastry stuffed chicken. All the food came out really amazing. I esp liked the puff pastry bc it was crispy on the outside but the steamed meat was tender and moist on the inside.
It has a SS interior, water reservoir,comes in 24" but has a few diff trim options.

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Thanks for the update...still waiting for it to be installed in the Wolf demo kitchen so I can test it out.

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