HP Pavillion Laptop With Windows Vista

iggieOctober 12, 2013

I have posted about this problem before, and appreciate all who answered, however still have the problem. Let me state it again, perhaps I can make things clearer this time. The computer will not connect to the internet Via wireless. I have Netgear Router and know it,s ok because my wifes laptop works flawlessly. A few months back when this problem started I took computer to a local repair place, they replaced the hard drive charged me a bundle. The Laptop never worked properly, when a message was typed the letters would jumble and one had to type words over several times, plus I would have to try 2 or 3 times before I could connect to the web. Finally I got a message saying the Windows software was counterfeit and that I was not connected to the internet> I took laptop back to place, they said it needed more work and wanted additional money. I told them to kiss off and picked up computer. What can I do to fix thing? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Iggie

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REplaced the hard drive - uh-oh.

Your legally installed Windows system was on the old drive. When the replacment drive was installed, the existing system needed to be transferred to the new disk (if possible). This can not be done by a simple copy. An image of the old disk must be transferred to the new disk. Software such as "Copy Disk" is used to do this.

If the old drive was failing and could not be effectively accessed, then the computer system has to be rebuilt by reinstalling the sysem from your original CD and it needs to be 'activated' from the MicroSoft site. Contact MicroSoft's web site for instructions.

If you do not have the Windows original software disk, then the store from which you bought the computer may have a legal copy and should be able to reinstall for you.

Look around in the material that came with your computer (when you bought it). If you do not have the Windows software, is there a "recovery disk"? Look for instructions about how to use the recovery disk. This may save you.

If you can not find a way to resolve this issue, then you may be faced with buying a copy of Windows and starting over.

This points out the need to make a recovery disk soon after you get a new computer.

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Your message is somewhat confusing but you need to address the situation here.

Is this 'local repair place' a retail establishment or some guy in his home? I strongly suggest you return either way and tell them to install the software again BUT use the 25 digit authentication code from the under side of your laptop and at no additional cost to you. This is perfectly legal and you should have no problem activating it. If he refuses threaten him with notifying Microsoft, if he still refuses then go ahead and tell MS he is using pirated software. Insist on a full refund too, you likely will not get it but pile on the agony with people like that. Be calm during this process, anger never helps in a argument.

You could install Vista yourself it is not a difficult task. Your problem more likely (if you do not have the recovery CD jemdandy refers to above) will be finding someone with a Vista CD. Again, if you find one be sure to use the 25 digits on the under neath of the laptop, this is tied to the motherboard.

You do not want to be buying another copy of Windows, Vista is not available and Win 7 or 8 may not work successfully on your older computer so it might be money wasted.

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I have another Question Owbist, first the repair place was a retail establishment. I cannot seem to find my cd for windows vista, however I do have a cd for windows EXP it came with a refurbished computer I gave to my nephew can I use this in place of the Vista disc?

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OK as this repair place was a retail store I would return and ask to speak to the owner or manager (depending on if this is a one man band or part of a chain of stores). Explain the situation to him and ask to have them re-install the operating system using your own 25 digit code - for free. Perhaps the tech who did the work was a learner or simply not aware he could do that. Either way you want satisfaction. If you do not get satisfaction then tell them you will report the issue to Microsoft, then follow though on that if they do not change their mind.

Regarding the XP CD you have is this from a factory made computer like HP, Compaq, Dell or other brand or a home build?

If it is from a factory build you cannot use it because the XP operating system will be tied to the motherboard of the original computer. If however it is from a home build and therefore an OEM version you would be good to go. BUT before you go that route I would strongly suggest you web site of the makers of your laptop to obtain the necessary drivers if they are available for an XP install.

What make and model is the laptop?

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Owbist Thanks for the advice have called and tried to make appointment with owner no luck so far. The Model Number of my HP laptop is KS158UT# AB.

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