what product is best for cleaning anodized aluminum?

jerrymbJanuary 2, 2006

The cleaning of anodized aluminum, what product have you found that best cleans that surface? Has anyone tried the calphalon cleaner that is made for that purpose? how does the bar keepers friend work for you? what turnd out to be a bad product, thanks JerryMB

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I've always used the Calphalon cleaner as that is what they recommend. You'll need some elbow grease with that cleaner, but it does the job.

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I use Bar Keepers...just make sure to rinse everything well b/c a powdery film can result if you're not thorough. Of course this happens everytime my husband does the dishes :)

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I also use Bar Keeper's Friend with a green scouring pad. The pads are color coded and the green ones are very aggressive. Calphalon recommends BKF for Calphalon One but I also use it for all my other Calphalon when needed. Never had a problem with it and it really works very well.

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Bar Keepers Friend also makes Copper Glo which needs a little less elbow grease.

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What gets the white powder looking discoloration on the inside of the Magnalite Aluminum Pots?

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