Ronco Countertop Rotisserie

Judyz7January 4, 2005

I am thinking of purchasing this item because I love rotisserie chicken. Do you have one? Is it difficult to keep clean?

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I'd have to suggest that you read the amazon reviews of this item?

If this is not the item ... then what is?

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I've had one for the past 3 years and I love it! It does rotisserie poultry wonderfully. I've not done much anything else in it as it is sort of a pain to clean. I usually take mine and run it out in the garage or on the patio as I don't like the rotisserie smell in the house. I guess I should experiment more with it.

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We have had the rotisserie for a number of years and love the way it roasts chicken. Haven't done too much else in it.

As far as keeping it clean, I started spraying the nonstick oil spray on the drip pans. It really helps clean up. I also lay a wet papertowel with soap on the top, grated pan as soon as possible to soak so it softens all the drippings. There really isn't an easy way to clean it. But, the chicken it produces is worth it.

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