Calphalon Warranty Replacement

pratzertJanuary 18, 2006

Well, I have to say.... they honored their "Lifetime" warranty.

I had TWO Non-stick Jelly Roll pans and one twelve inch Non-stick fry pan that I sent back to Calphalon. The Jelly roll pans were flaking and the fry pan had lost it's non-stick ability. I've had them all for about 10 years now.

It took a month, but I got brand new replacements via UPS yesterday. The fry pan is the newest Non-stick "ONE" pan.

So, other than having to pay for the UPS fee to send the items back (about $9) I can't complain about their warranty.


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I've had a couple good experiences with Calphalon and their warranty. They didn't ask for a receipt either time and the last time (a couple years ago before the they came out with Calphalon One) they even mailed me a Fed-Ex mailing label so the postage didn't cost me anything. I've been using their cookware for 20 years and I think they make top-notch stuff and the warranty is as good as it gets.

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I was worried a little bit, but now I'm convinced that they stand behind their products. Plus, they seem to be making them even better so it should be even longer before you have to worry about replacing something under their warranty.


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so how do i get in touch with the warranty dept. of the chalphalon company for my warranty issues

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