OK to put cast iron skillets on pot rack?

DianneNJanuary 27, 2005

I'm renovating my kitchen and bought a very nice wall-mounted pot rack (cast aluminum, I believe; it looks really heavy but it's just normal weight). I plan to hang my two All-Clad saucepans from it. The other pots and pans I use all the time are Le Creuset (which I will display on open shelves) and antique cast-iron skillets. I have one really small, and one about 10" and one about 12". Will these be too heavy to hang? Has anyone else done this? I'm thinking if it's properly mounted in the studs it won't matter. Am I right or wrong? They are wonderfully seasoned and I think will look great in my renovated 1902 kitchen. I really don't want to have to hide them away, because I use them constantly.

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I'm thinking if it's properly mounted in the studs it won't matter. Am I right or wrong?

You are right. The pot rack will be strong enough. The only point of weakness is the point of attachment, and screwing into the studs is how MANY heavy things are attaches

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So glad you can use yours on a pot rack. I wanted to but it wasn't feasible in my kitchen. It would be much easier to take them off a rack then to unstack them as I have to in my non-pullout shelves! Enjoy!

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I've got 4 All-Clad pots, plus a 12-inch cast iron skillet, plus assorted other pots and pans on my pot-rack. You should have no problem. If the thing is properly mounted into the studs, you should be able to swing from it yourself!

Also, it's very good for pots, especially cast iron, to be hung up this way, so that the air circulates all around them; they don't rust and don't get scratched.

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