Non-stick frying pan not made in China? Or Hard Anodized?

marys1000January 5, 2008

Non-stick coatings make me a little nervous but I can't really do without a couple of non-stick frying pans. I have a small Hard Anodized All-Clad from way back (could probably stand to be replaced) and a cheaper large one some sort of teflon that definately needs to be replaced. Any help out there?

I do have a bad habit (not likely to change:) of cooking on very high heat.



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So far, we like our new Scanpan 9.25" (or 9.5") fry pan. It was being sold at a special "Try Me" price that was almost 1/2 the price of the 8" I'd been planning to purchase.

I'd read about the Scanpan here and compared it to some others (A-C, Swiss Diamond, Calphalon, Le Creuset SS N-S...) and it seemed like it would be a good choice. A friend who works in a cooking store loves his, so figured that was a good endorsement right there!

So far, so good. It can go in the DW, but we wash it by hand, just because. FWIW, my DH, keeps telling me, "I really like this pan" wheneve he makes himself eggs on the weekends!

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I checked my small fry pan which I have liked and its actually an Anolon Titanium.
I went their website for more info on all the different lines I found on Amazon and found very little information and the Titanium wasn't even listed. Their "Knowledge Base" goes nowhere and you can't even email them with a question. !!@!
I'm still interested in all suggestions for the above and as well as any insight on Anolon.

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Since I first posted I've been doing a little reading, checked the Scanpan site and some others.
Since I tend to cook and burn a lot on high heat I've started to wonder if maybe I just shouldn't give stainless a try? I think it was the comment on the Scanpan site that talked about the unbonding of the non stick if on too high a heat too long that pushed me over the edge.
If I do go with non stick I may just stay with Anolon despite the fact that their website is USELESS as a search here found some others that seem to think its competitive with other well known and liked brands.
So now I'm trying to figure out stainless steel. I'll I've ever owned was Le Creuset (set bought on sale a hundred years ago when I knew absolutely zip about anything) and teflon fry pans.

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FWIW, I did not purchase the Scanpan to use for all my cooking. It's been terrific the times we've used it, and I'm glad we got it. We like to use a N-S pan to cook certain things, but for the bulk of my cooking, I've always used SS. To that end, I recently purchased my first ever pieces/set of All-Clad (to use on my new high BTU range). I love the A-C pieces! Food definitely cooks much more evenly than it did in my old Farberware, Reverware, and Tools of the Trade pans, and clean up is much easier as well (no more burning around the pans inside edges!). For boiling pasta water, my old stockpots will suffice for now (although my set did include an 8 qt stockpot), but I hope to someday replace my 10 and 12 qt stock pots with A-C when I replenish the coffers! Thank goodness for 20% off coupons!

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High heat is fundamentally incompatible with PTFE nonstick coatings, which covers Anolon, Scanpan, and everything else I'm aware of that is actually "nonstick." Given your technique of cooking with high heat, the reasonable options I see are (I covered some of this in my reply to your other thread, so please forgive the duplication):

1. Get cheap nonstick pans that you can replace whenever you destroy them. I like the Johnson Rose Crown Select pans, which are available for Instawares and other retailers.

2. Go with stainless steel pans. In my experience, the Silvinox surface treatment that Demeyere gives to their Atlantis and Apollo pans works better than normal stainless steel, but a lot of people are quite happy with All Clad and similar pans.

3. Use Demeyere's ControlInduc nonstick pans on an induction burner. As you mention in your other thread, they stop heating at 485 F, which will prevent you from damaging them by overheating them.

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