Revere ware drip pot?

ericasjJanuary 29, 2008

Sorry for cross-posting. I wrote a message on the Beverages board before I noticed AWM's question here on percolators, and saw that your board is much more active. My question is similar in that I'm looking to make coffee on top of the stove:

I'm getting tired of replacing electric coffeemakers, and like the idea of just making coffee on the stove. I've considered getting a manual Melitta again (but we broke several carafes), and a metal percolator (not confident about my ability to use it).

But some of these have turned up on Ebay, and I'm intrigued.

It's an old stove top Revere Ware drip coffee system. I like the idea that it's drip but being "copper clad", unbreakable. I just can't see how to use the thing. If you heat the water in the bottom, how do you also use it as the carafe? If you're pouring the water in the top filter part, it has to start dripping out before you get it back over the bottom part. Or am I missing something?

Here is a link that might be useful: Neat coffee pot

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You do not heat water in the bottom pot. In addition to the setup you're looking at, you will need a stovetop kettle or hot water dispenser. How do I know? I first learned how to make coffee using that setup! It's still bangin' around in a cupboard or box somewhere...

Linked below is what I believe is the best way to make coffee for one or two people. If you need more than that, you should look at better quality drip makers (e.g. Technivorm), or large cone pourovers (e.g. Chemex).

Here is a link that might be useful: A better system (after going through umpteen different setups...)

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I believe what you have is not a drip pot but a percolator. You add water to the pot, insert the stem and the basket, and then add coffee grounds to the basket. You put the percolator over low heat on the stove and as the water heats it shoots up the stem and into the basket, to drip down through. A little different than a straight drip setup. You can find more complete instructions here:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Wow, thanks for joining today so you could plug your little website. Good luck on that.

Unfortunately, you could not be more wrong when you say it's a percolator. It's not -- *you* pour water *over* the grounds, which would make it a drip pot. Go back and click on the link provided in the original post; it clearly says it's a drip pot!

You really should get up to speed on RevereWare if you're going to flog their parts...

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Mr. Reverewhatever, did GardenWeb send you a bill for the ad yet?

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Sorry guys, I am not used to this website and didn't notice the link to the pictures. Just trying to be helpful. This sounded like the Revere Ware percolator that I have. Like many people, I'm learning about this vintage Revere Ware as I go along. There isn't much information available these days ...

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I found the following blurb on how to use the drip coffee maker in my vintage Revere Ware pamphlet "Revere's Guide to Better Cooking."

Rinse the lower part of Drip Coffee Maker with hot water, place upper part in position and remove the combination water spreader and measuring rod. Place in basket of upper part one slightly rounded tablespoon of drip grind coffee for each cup. Replace water spreader and pour boiling hot water to level desired on measuring rod. Cover. In approximately 7 to 8 minutes (for 8 cups) hot coffee with the most delightful aroma, taste and clarity will be yours for serving. Remove upper part and transfer cover to lower section. Revere Drip Coffee Makers will make 8 to 10 actual servings of coffee.

Here is a link that might be useful: Revere's Guide to Better Cooking

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