Henckels Classic Cookware?

hekiliJanuary 31, 2005

I just saw this new line of cookware at our local kitchen and bath store. Heavy stainless with aluminum layer and with ergonomic handles. Does anyone have any cooking and cleaning experience with them? Recommended for gas stove?

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Since it is new you probably won't get many answers here. Do they have open stock - you could try one pan? If so I would suggest a pan that is not in a set that you might want. Does it feel comfortable for you to handle?

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Teddy Lim

Just purchased several pieces of the Henckels Classic Clad cookware two weeks ago: sauce pans (1, 2, 3L), stock pot (5L), non-stick saute (4.75L), and the 8" non-stick fry pan. Have been using them on an electric coil range and stand-alone Sunpentown induction cooktop and they have been a joy to use. Heat up evenly, non-stick is easy to clean, regular stainless can be a little more work depending on what you cook. Soaking in water or deglazing after browning/roasting meat makes it easier to clean, too. We are planning to get induction in our new home next spring and our old non-stick aluminum stuff was on its last legs. The handle is quite comfortable to hold. The literature included with the pots and pans claims that this line is suitable for all cooking surfaces, so it should be fine for gas.

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