Anyone have one of the new Bosch DWs with the 3rd rack?

lori_inthenw_gwOctober 10, 2013

We went to look at them last weekend. Salesman showed us the difference between how the water was distributed to the third rack (a sprayer on the top of the box?) and how the Miele does it (a separate arm, I think? Anyway, it had a larger diameter and looked like it spun around). I could see the difference, but I don't recall how he explained it. Then he tried to sell us on a Blomberg, which I'd never heard of. He made it sound great, all the great features of the Miele, but less $$, but after getting home and looking into it, we were less convinced. I think we'll go back to the Bosch, but not sure if we should get one of the new models or not.

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I was a little surprised (disappointed?) when I realized my Bosch has a fixed sprayer up top rather than a rotating arm like my old 90's era Miele has. In practice however I've not noticed a poorer cleaning performance, and there's the advantage of not having to worry about clearance for that arm in that tight space.

Overall, I'd say my old Miele G865 would give my new Bosch SHX7ER55UC a run for the money - and beat it in some important regards - but he spray arm wouldn't be a factor.

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Those were the terms I was looking for, thanks! I'm glad to hear you seem satisfied with the performance. I am not very critical of DW performance, and I guess I don't challenge them a lot, but it just isn't going to be a splurge item for me. We are also moving to a more remote location, and I worry about repair service there, another reason not to have as much$ tied up in the thing.

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The shx68t55uc is a third rack model Bosch. Just make sure you get one with a good stainless panel if you do stainless. As to function I think it works well as long as you use rinse agent and set it on the automatic and santitize settings. It's very quiet and does a good job with very little h2o left in any of the dishes afterwards. It comes with both the third rack and an extra silverware bin in the first rack. I took the silverware bin out after a few days as I don't use it - I just use the third rack.

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The third rack is the main reason I bought the Bosch for our new build. It did not disappoint and I really like having the silverware so organized. I considered Miele, too, but I got the impression service people for this brand might be scarce in my area.

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Thanks, Melanie-- glad to know it is working well for you. I thought the silverware-sorting was odd at first, but then as someone else pointed out, you probably either organize it going in or coming out...

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The sprayer "ceiling shower" works well - here's mine (no third rack). It comes on at 3:15.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch/Siemens Geschirrspüler - Dishwasher: Inside / Offen

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