How Many Have Tried The New Bosch Dishwashers

nerdyshopperOctober 25, 2013

It's been a while since Bosch introduced their new lines of 3-shelf dishwashers made in the USA. Now I wonder how many at this forum have tried one and what their experiences were. I am talking about models like the SHX68T55UC.

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Bosch dishwashers have always been finicky, when they work correctly they are nice dishwashers, however when they don't they are normally hard to diagnose, and are usually expensive to fix.

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BK - you're so full of hooey one gets the impression you are a Whirlpool troll.

Bosch DWs are fine and their quality control is way better than average. Miele is better, but costs a little but more generally.

Generally, problems arise from two areas: improper install, or user error. Neither of which are the factory's fault.

We put a new generation modle in a kitchen last month and I don't think most people could tell a difference. Best I tell, most of the changes have to do with the manufacturing process, packaging and install ease. They still have that Bosch look, feel, and control features.

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I just purchased a Bosch Ascenta about 6 weeks ago. It's not a 3 shelf model, but thought you might like to hear my experience with what I did buy.

I had a Bosch previously in another home and appreciated how well it worked and how quiet it was, so when I needed a DW in my current home, I didn't hesitate to purchase another Bosch. (I also am very conscious about where items are made and take that into consideration.)

I must say, this new Bosch is VERY quiet (as they all are), but I am still not sure I am as impressed with its cleaning results. It is pretty bare bones, no fancy settings, only choice between: AutoWash, NormalWash and Heavy Wash I believe and Sanitize (whatever that does). I only used it maybe 8-10 times, but find there is usually a few pieces I have to either wash by hand or put in for another round. I am still experimenting with what wash cycle to use. (I was a bit surprised because I remember being 100% pleased with the cleaning results of my previous Bosch, purchased about 14 years ago).

My other comment would be about the racks: not sure what it is, but it seems to be difficult to get the dishes to stand feels a bit small or the tines feel too close together--again I am still getting used to it, so maybe I will figure it out. You might want to make sure the configuration is going to work for you in that model you are considering. The bottom rack also feels a bit wobbly and comes completely out of the dishwasher--don't remember that happening with my last Bosch. When you guide it back in, it likes to slam against the back of the washer.

I wanted a white dishwasher and found it extremely weird that i had to "SPECIAL" order it to get white. Times have changed. My last Bosch was Stainless and had to be "special" ordered at that time.

Hope this helps.

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I'll let you know. My new Bosch has been sitting in a box in my garage while our contractor falls further and further behind schedule. :/

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I have the SHV7ER53UC/50 - the 800 Plus model that is now is the SHV7PT53UC with the 3rd rack. I love the 3rd rack, it really increases the space in the lower rack and the silverware come out nice and clean. Overall, the dishwasher cleans well and is super quiet and holds a lot of dishes. I agree the tines seem rather close together, not really a problem but just something to get used to. I'm glad I read the manual: the default setting was to not add the rinse aid, but I was able to change it through a rather complicated and non-intuitive process. I could also change the final rinse temperature so that the dishes dry better.
Consumer Reports says every dishwasher cleans well as long as they are installed properly - the difference between them are the features. In our previous home, we had a GE Profile and a Whirlpool. Both cleaned well, but the Bosch holds more and is so quiet, most of the time you don't know its running except for the red light that shines on the floor.

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