The best ever lettuce crisper that wasn't

black-thumbJanuary 24, 2008

Ok after years of purchasing various lettuce crispers that never really worked well for extended periods of time I have FINALLY found something that keeps not just lettuce but other veggies crisp for weeks. I had a head of lettuce in the fridge for a month and it still had that crisp sound when breaking off pieces and had no brown spots and there was no icky brown liquid in the bottom. I have since tried the bag salads, you know the ones premaid that never last long enough for you to eat it all. Salad still crisp and going strong too.

What is this great wonder that only cost me $8.99. The large Breyers ice cream tub! Yup I got the big daddy for a party at BJ'S and when the icecream was done I put the whole had of lettuce in it. I figured it couldn't be any worse than all the other lettuce crispers I've used and it was large enought to hold the whole thing.

Imagine my surprise when I kept finding it just as crisp and fresh everytime I went to open it. I had that head of lettuce for a month. It was smaller as I was eating it along the way but still fresh not brown and yucky, no disgusting brown slimy stuff in the bottom and crisp as ever!

I love it when you find miracle cures for stuff by accident!

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I remember having one, it might have been Tupperware, so maybe the trick is to keep it sealed up in a plastic container. That's a great find, because lettuce goes just too fast!

Thanks for giving me an excuse to go out and get a whole tub of Breyers!

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I had the Tupperware one as well decades ago, don't know where it went but it worked. Lost in a move I guess. I seem to remember though that the Tupperware had a spike in the center of the bowl for impaling the lettuce on, why I don't know.

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I use a zip lock bag with one or two paper towels in it, sealed tight. Works well for me. But some heads of lettuce, especially iceberg, just seem to go off faster than others, no matter what you do.

I know that sometimes they are transported on trucks that also carry frozen products, and may have gotten too cold, which breaks down cells walls and leads to fast rotting.

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I've never had one work this well and for so long before. Even on the regular head of iceberg lettuce. I had it for a month and it was still fresh and crispy all the way to the center.

I once had one that had a circle of little plastic flat vertical spikes that was suppose to keep the lettuce from sitting on the bottom. Still didn't work. I always ended up with brown mushy stuff on the bottom anyway after a while.

So far it has worked on whatever I've put inside. Its a happy little find. :)

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Was the ice cream carton plastic or cardboard? Here in California they are all cardboard, doesn't seem like the would stand up to a month in the refrigerator.

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