Wenol Metal Polish

oaa9898January 28, 2005

Hi Everyone!

This is my first time posting in the cookware section and I need to ask the experts a question. We have always cleaned our stainless Calphalon cookware with Pennybrite; however, our grocery store has recently stopped carrying it (and no other store in our area does). So, in pursuit of a new cleaner, I tried the obvious suspects such as Barkeepers Friend, but it didn't have the same cleaning ability as the Pennybrite. I went on William-Sonoma's website to look for a new brand when I found Wenol. I quickly ordered some and it arrived today. I read the instructions on the box along with the warning labels. The warning label states that you should avoid contact with skin. My question is, if you're supposed to avoid contact with skin, should you polish your cookware with it? It's a general rule that what's not good for the skin is probably not good for the alimentary canal. I think it's obvious that some of the polish is not going to come off of the pan after buffing. Your thoughts?

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I wouldn't use Wenol on the inside of my pots. Outside would be fine. I'm a little surprised Barkeepers Friend isn't working for you.

I'm not familiar with Pennybrite. Can you order it on-line? That's what I usually end up doing if I can't find something locally. It sure beats running around looking for it. Please come back and let us know what you find out.

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

I use barkeepers friend or Comet or Ajax on my stainless! Not familiar with PennyBrite, but you can get it online.

Here is a link that might be useful: PennyBrite

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Don't you rinse your pans after you wash them?...Barkeepers friend isn't very good for your skin, not is clorox and I use all of them on my pans....as well as oven cleaner on my grill.
Rinse it off....you will be fine!
Linda C

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Thanks for all your speedy replies! Thanks dishesdone for that link to pennybrite, even if I have to pay shipping on the Pennybrite, itÂs probably cheaper than paying for gas to run all over the place to find it. Barkeepers Friend doesn't seem to have the abrasives in it like Pennybrite does (just Citric Acid), nothing else I have found has worked as well on those tought-to-clean, baked on pans. I e-mailed William-Sonoma with the question I posed to you all last night; I'll let you know what they had to say. And yes, I do wash my pans, but I took a dish scrubber to them and this black residue came off of the pan onto the scrubber, so I just figured there is a lot of that Wenol still on the pan. Thanks Again, I'll try to keep you updated.

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