Gestures for IE 9 ?

not2brightOctober 24, 2011


I'm wondering whether there are any mouse gesture programs that will work with IE9. I don't actually use the browser much, but I do sometimes play with it once in a while. It might be a handy backup browser if I could at least have gestures. I tried the IE9 gesture add-on (which didn't work at all -- couldn't get it to install right) as well as gMote (which apparently doesn't work with IE, at least it didn't work with mine).

Do any IE users here have mouse gestures with it that work ? Or does anyone know of some other gestures program that might work with IE ?

Just curious. Thanks ! :-)

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TulsaRose z7a, Tulsa OK

You might try something from this "Google Search"

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Thanks, tulsarose

Unfortunately, most of the results simply direct one back to the IE gestures add-on which many (including myself) have found doesn't work well -- if at all. Oh, well. I'm happy using FF and Iron anyway, so it's no great loss. But I'll keep my eye open in case anyone can/does make a more efficient gesture add-on for IE.

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