Blomberg dishwasher anyone?

nutellasandwichesOctober 27, 2007

With it being a European product, I havent had much success with finding reviews or info.

I'm looking for an inexpensive integrated DW.

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Just read this article yesterday. You might enjoy it. You have to link to "Dishwashers" in the Green section.

Here is a link that might be useful: dishwasher article

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Bumping this one up in case anyone has more information now. Can't find any reviews for them.

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I took the plunge and bought one...the DWT36240. I wanted the 36241, but my wife wouldn't wait any longer. Our old washer broke down over a month ago, so she's a bit sick of doing things by hand. Anyway, I just had it installed last night, and so far we love it. Much like you I had a lot of trouble finding local reviews, but the stuff out of Europe rated them well.

My appliance guy was pretty impressed with the build quality...lots of steel, durable, practical, etc. I took that as a good sign.

We've done two loads in it since yesterday and it cleans beautifully. It is quiet, really quiet. Not dead silent, but definitely ranks high on the list of quiet washers.

I wish I could offer more, but we are still trying it out ourselves. As I learn more I'll be happy to post.

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I have the concealed control Blomberg dishwasher. Whines like a trumpet. Leaked water on new floor. 4 months old. Blomberg told service man that they are having problems with the pump. YMMV

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Blomberg website seems partially disabled. No customer help will work there.

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I am an appliance servicer and have just attended a service training on Blomberg dishwashers. This dishwasher is built on the original Bosch design before Bosch moved to North Carolina. The basic dishwasher is the same design but the controls have been improved. This dishwasher will rival the quality of a Miele dishwasher and is the closest to the Miele in operational design. Features like leak detection, metered water flow, triple filtration, all stainless interior contruction are all standard options. It is the best value in a dishwasher available currently and is a twenty year dishwasher in my opinion. As to the post that stated the unit leaked on a new floor, the leak detection system would have detected this problem, turned off the watervalve, turned on the drain pump and disabled all other functions of the dishwasher. In order for the unit to leak on the floor an error in installation would have to have happened. I don't know of any problems with the pump but even if there was the unit would still not have leaked on the floor. I have been in the appliance service business since 1983, if I were to replace my dishwasher today, it would be a Blomberg.

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I am considering and I thank Dennis C for his post. For some reason Bosch comes up as the top DW but everyone I know that has one hates it. No drying feature is the worst. Now to evaluate kitchenaide. Anyone have a comparison?

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I have Blomberg Dishwasher DWT2410055. After the dishwasher runs, there is a small puddle of water on top of the dishwasher such that when you open the door, water will go on the floor. It's not just a few drops of water. The water came from the steam/heat when it's drying the dishes.

I had a Bosch previously and it did not have this problem.

Just wondering if this is a normal behavior or not?


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