Calphalon Contemporary scratching?

motifoneJanuary 11, 2007

Hi all

We recently bought a set of Calphalon Contemporary stainless steel (the brushed metal ones) pots & pans. We are babying the pans and being gentle, but find they are scratching easily inside the pan. Metal, nylon, and wooden utensils are all listed by Calphalon as okay to use. We were cooking tomatoe sauce and put a good 1 inch scratch on the bottom of one of the pans -- just by using a nylon spoon (there may have been a small seam on the edge of the spoon, but sharp enough to scratch it?). We used a metal spoon on the other pan but didn't see any scratching, as we were careful not to touch the pan surfaces (but what good is that). We use a sponge to clean... a Dobie pad and/or Bar Keeper's friend if needed.

I know pans are meant to cook it, but we spent a pretty penny on them and are surprised how easily they are showing scratches. I know metal gets softer when it is heated, but wow.

Anyone else report similar? Anyway to remove said scratches?

thank you kindly

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I would call Calphalon today and ask for their opinion and a replacement. No metal pan should scratch because of a nylon utensil. I use melamine in my Calphalon tri-ply (melamine is hard plastic) and have had no problems. If Calphalon doesn't take care of you, take the pan to the store (with your receipt) and ask for a replacement out of a new set. I would not use metal in these pans for rigorous stirring, but you know what? Ultimately, you should use what you want and not worry about what the interior looks like. My only worry would be that the pan is harder to clean with deep scratches. Finally, have you tried cleaning the pan with Bar Keepers Friend?

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hi there

thanks for the reply. I will call them and ask. What's funny is I specifically looked at the inside bottom of the pan before I started cooking -- so I would know if anything scratched. We cooked, I washed the pan, and there was the mark.

I cannot feel the scratch with the fingernail, which I guess means it is more of a surface mark. It goes counter to the direction of the brushed metal so it stands out more. You are right, ultimately it is a pan and doesn't matter. It's just tough to pay $400 for a set and have it start doing that ;)

We clean them with a sponge, Dobie pad and Bar Keeper's friend. Even the Dobie pad and Barkeeper's leaves the slightest of polish lines here and there.

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I guess the Calphalon Contemporary just requires more care when using them in order to maintain that great look. I understand about the $400, that's the retail of my Calphalon tri-ply (of course I used a coupon), it's a boat load of money, especially when you see so many store brands that look practically same but sell for half the price or less! Let us know what Calphalon has to say about your finish. Thanks!

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