burned stone ware

eugenemJanuary 19, 2006

We keep our pizza stone and several stoneware pots in the oven for storage. Unfortunatly we forgot to take them out and started the cleaning process and they caught fire! Can these items still be used? Is there anyway to get the black residue from the pan? Without having tried them it seems like they would add a bad taste to food at the least.

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If the stoneware pots are glazed you could try barkeepers friend, it is pretty good about getting things out. It is possible that the glaze is damaged and will not be usable.

For the pizza stone I think I would try scrubbing it with a bristle brush and hot water.

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Pizza stones turn black sooner or later anyway. I think that the stoneware will work just fine despite the discoloration and I doubt that you'll notice any change in taste.

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Look at it this way....you have now burned all the old grease off....
I did that....but my stone broke. LOL ! I had left an extra potato in the oven, on the stone and after dinner I thought, why not use the heat and start the cleaning process....so I did!...LOL!
Smoke???? Oh My Gosh!!! And things were fine until I took the stone out and it broke in half!
Discoloration won't hurt a thing!...It's clean!
Linda C

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