electrolux/magic mill dlx mixer too big for 1-2 people house?

lilafterJanuary 2, 2010


i'm in the market for a stand mixer- not interested in the ka or cuisinart- cheap parts, lots of complaints in the reviews.

using a cheap hand mixer right now, but have saved up to finally get a quality stand mixer.

i started looking at the braun multipractic/k650, then the bosch compact and universal and then the electrolux dlx mixer.

each gets progressively more $$$$ and somehow, i've convinced myself i need the dlx mixer. i have a small kitchen and usually cook for 1-2 and occasionally more for potlucks/parties- so the braun and bosch compact seemed ideal but the compact is no longer made and not sure about the quality of braun. plus they are both plastic.

i basically want something that is going to last forever, is simple to use/clean and can mix small and large amounts equally well.

everyone raves about the huge amounts the dlx can take- but can it mix smaller amounts just as well? i guess thats my biggest question.


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Go do a search on the Cooking forum and if you can't find the information you're looking for just ask that group for help. Many on the Cooking forum have the mixers you're asking about and are more than willing to answer your questions. Plus that site moves faster.

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