Opinions of Ikea cookware?

JessyFeldm_speakeasyJanuary 29, 2005

A search through the threads on this forum yielded no discussions of Ikea's cookware. I don't expect top quality or performance, but I am curious as to people's experiences/opinions. This could be another Costco-like discovery, or.....

Brigand seems to be the (anodized?) aluminum.

Ikea/365 is their aluminum/stainless three layer base.

Kavalkad is their non-stick.

There are others...enjoy persuing. I remember looking at the 5 qt with steamer for veggies and pasta only and being suitably impressed for $25.00 (last year). I took a set, but the lines were too long so I left it there. Regretted it ever since, but now I'm seeking forum opinions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea cookware main page

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Personally I love the 365 stuff. Never a problem and incredible bang for the buck.

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The 365 is not fully clad, but only has a aluminum core on the bottom. But fully-clad pots and pans aren't necessary for many preparations. The IKEA stuff is lighter than more expensive stuff so you'll have to watch the heat closely, but it's decent for the price range. Of course, the nonstick is not dishwasher safe, so that would be a deal-breaker for me.

Next time you are at the store, check and see if stuff will nestle into other pieces unless you have hectacres of storage space. And examine those handles closely and imagine if they will stay cool while cooking.

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