Countertop Electric Grill, do you have one?

hapyfrustratedJanuary 31, 2009

I would love to hear your experiences with a countertop electric grill. I love to have grilled food, but do not like going outside and trying to lift the heavy lid to the grill repeatedly. What brand do you have, it it easy clean up?

Thanks for your ideas.

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Cooks Illustrated just did a testing of a number of them. Issues were accuracy, consistency, cooking surface, cleanup and overall performance. The winner was the Broilking Professional Griddle with Backsplash #PCG-10 for about $100. Their best buy, much less expensive, but with a smaller cooking surface, was West Bend Cool-Touch Nonstick Griddle #76220 for about $50.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cooks Illustrated Review of Electric Griddles

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I got rid of mine and got a fairly inexpensivestovetop grill with a grill press. I also have a cast iron grill press that I heat on a burner while I'm heating up the griddle, it's heavier and works better. This is much easier to clean and store. It goes into the DW, then into the cabinet.

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OP talking about grills not griddles, I believe.

110v plug-in counter-top grills have been around for a long time and none are worth a nickel compared with a serious grill. Serious grilling takes high heat. 110v incapable of delivering it for grilling purposes. Might be OK for chicken or pork that does better with lower heat. Worthless for beef steaks.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Well, I have the George Foreman, and it rocks! Barely use it though......... We like grilling on gas outside.

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I, too, have a Foreman "grill"....which I never use because its a joke. Basically steam-table food right there in yer own kitchen....which is NOT what "grilling" is generally or specifically about. If you think that "rocks" I pity you. did say you like grilling on gas maybe there's hope. : )

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