Local Shared Objects, aka Flash Cookies

betsyhacOctober 4, 2013

I've disabled the automatic dumping of these onto my computer and now have a difficult time playing videos. In some cases, I can hit the deny button several times and the little message goes away and the video plays.

What are this forum's thoughts on flash cookies? Has anyone found an alternative to flash player, or would that even help? Or, do you have a set-up such that the flash cookies are deleted immediately after use?


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Take a look here, no point me typing trying to improve that.

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Thx, but this is the part I don't understand:

Latest versions of Adobe Flash Player when used with the privacy settings of the latest browsers will clear flash cookies automatically at the end of each session.

What is a session? Does this mean that it will allow a flash cookie to be stored (up to an amt that I can set) so that I can use the flash player, but when I turn off my computer, the LSO will be deleted?

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Why have you disabled cookes?

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I think I found a much better forum.




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