American range, viking, thermador, etc. double ovens

azhengOctober 26, 2012

Hey guys,

I want to buy a 30 inch electric double wall oven. I've looked at several brands: American range, viking, thermador, dacor, bosch, electrolux, and jenn-air. It's really overwhelming, and I want to make sure that I buy one that will suit my needs. I bake quite often (cookies, pies, cakes, lamb chops, steaks etc). I currently have a REALLY old kitchenaid oven, so I'm sure that anything I buy will be better. Can you guys comment on ovens that you have/seen other's have and your reactions/review of them?



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There are several posters on this forum that have Electrolux ovens and like them. I have a single regular one that preheats quickly and bakes evenly. It has a third convection element(also called true or European convection) which is incorporated into the various modes. This is an element by the fan that helps keep the oven temperature even in the oven when it is full. If you haven't used convection before, it is a great tool but a little learning curve. I love the different modes, roast directs more heat from the top and bake modes from the bottom. I think this oven is the best bang for the buck. It makes the best turkey ever.

One you didn't mention but I would consider is Wolf. It is more expensive but has dual convection fans and elements. It is also well regarded on these forums. I also have a Wolf oven in my range which is 36 inches wide, so I am glad to have the double fans but for a 30 inch oven the benefit of the double fans may be smaller.

If there is any chance to put in two single ovens, I wold consider it. If something goes wrong with one, it wouldn't affect the other one.

The AR oven even though electric does not have the electronics. Some might consider this a benefit but you also have no third element convection, no self cleaning and very limited modes. It also seems to only have a temperature range of 200-500.

The Wolf and Elux also have the ability to set the temp in at least 5 degree increments with a very wide range of temperatures. I use the low temps all the time. I like to slow roast at 185 and also use the oven as a dehydrator. They claim you can do this with the AR but it only goes to 200. The Elux and Wolf also have a very narrow temp swing, about 5 degrees at the most on either side of the set temp. The conventional range is 25 degrees on each side of the set temp.

I have used conventional ovens for 40+ years but have loved having the ability to manipulate the heat from the top and bottom and love convection when it benefits what you are cooking.

I also had the Dacor Discovery oven and DF range for about 7 mos before the ones I have now and had a horrid experience but that was 5 years ago. They did finally buy them back.

I would search these brands here because much has been written on this forum. Read the use and care manuals online to get an idea of what the ovens will do.

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thanks wekick, for your response. It sounds like you really like your wolf and elux ovens!

The reason I didn't include wolf in my original post was that they are really quite expensive, even compared to Thermador and Viking. Do you think there's a really big difference between your elux and wolf?

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