WANTED: I got a present! Thank you ... _____?

gellchomJune 13, 2011

I am probably one of the last ones to send out my box -- I mailed it last Friday -- because I was out of town for two weeks, in Canada and Alaska, and then when I came home I was laid out with an incredibly persistent virus -- kept me in bed all week. And all I could think of was that I wanted to get to the store for one more item and then to the post office to send [name still a secret!] their swap box.

And all the while ...

A big brown box, which came while I was away, was waiting downstairs. I just didn't feel it was fair to open mine before I sent [still not telling] their box.

So as soon as I came back from the post office, I opened my box and found a very beautiful bamboo salad bowl and servers. They are natural colored on the "business" side but a gorgeous shade of magenta (my favorite color) on the outside. I'm out of town again and forgot to take a photo before I left, but I'll update later.

There is only one thing that kept this nice gift from being perfect:

I don't know who sent it!

There is no message inside or outside the box, which came directly from the company that makes the bamboo products (Core). There is a woman's name over the company's name on the return address, but it doesn't seem to bear any relationship that I can see to anyone on our list, so I am assuming it is the name of the person at the company.

So, to whoever it was who sent me this lovely present, thank you so much! I'd love to know who you are --


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Ahhhh I see my info didn't get in the box....I asked the retailer to include a note on the packing slip. Such is the life of a drop shipper! I did some sleuthing and saw you loved magenta and you had posted about salads....with summer coming up, I hope I found the perfect items!

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Oh Jessy, that's gorgeous!! Lucky Gellchom. Now you know Gellchom who sent it. Lovely, lovely, and.... within the limits. Wow, it can be done and so beautifully. Jessy goes to head of the line for the limits prize. Smiles. Way to go.

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Wow, very nice. You did great Jessica. You not only stayed true to the Summer theme and the number of items, but you found the perfect gift in the perfect colour for Gellchom.

Gellchom, I hope you will post a picture when you put that beautiful salad bowl to use.


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Typical of Evil Jessy to send an anonymous gift. Hah.

That is absolutely gorgeous. I love and I love the color. You must be enjoying it, Gellchom. Nice work, Jessy, you evil thing.

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Jessy, Jessy, Jessy! You did so good! That is a fab swap box! I love the color and the theme!
Gellcom, I can't wait to see a picture with a delicious summer salad in that beautiful bowl. Enjoy!

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Wow!!!! Love the pink! Great find Jessy! Enjoy gellcom, enjoy!!! :-)

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I should have known!

First you change my life by introducing me to immersion blenders, and now this. Thank you so much!

I really do love it and I can't wait to fill it with yummy summer salads. I even have lettuces ready to pick in the garden, and with Thing One's wedding coming up and weight to be lost, I have informed Jack that we will be eating a LOT of salad suppers this summer. So this really couldn't have been a better selection.

I am up at camp in northern Wisconsin for another week (trying to eat a lot of salad), so it will have to wait, but when I get back, I will take a photo of the bowl filled with a recipe from the forum. (Someone please remind me how to post photos.) It does look just like the photos she posted. Suggestions solicited -- I will need a lot of ideas to get us to the wedding.

JessyF, how about one from you?

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Bwahahaaha (as she tries to maintain her evil reputation...truth be told, it was just the retailer who mailed the box but my 'note' didn't get included)

Oh yeah that immersion blender! I think I first mentioned it to you when talking about your Polynesian Peanut Soup, years ago. I love that soup!

Glad you will enjoy the set.

Sounds like we should start a thread on 'how to post photos'. I snagged those photos from the manufacturer's website since I didn't actually ever see the set.

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Okay, this is weird!

So for some reason I clicked on your link, Jessy (yes, that was the soup for which you told me to use the stick blender) and I noticed a recipe for "Trinity Square Cafe Moroccan Tomato Soup" -- that YOU had submitted, coincidentally. It sounded really good, so I copied it.

Then I wondered where Trinity Square Cafe is, and a quick google search told me it was in Toronto, which was the first place we were on that trip I just came home from. "Hey, I could have eaten there," I thought. "I wonder if it was anywhere near where I was?"

Oh, yeah -- as in RIGHT NEXT DOOR to our hotel. I could have dropped a button on it from my room.

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I just now got to see the photos, and they are gorgeous! Are the salad servers bamboo on the opposite sides? I think this is a fantastic choice, given that you love magenta. I used to have some magenta in my hair, but that was 10 years ago. Congrats on a great package!


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That Trinity Square Cafe story is too much! Now I have to visit, LOL

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I know, right?

Lars, the servers are not magenta on the other side. You can see the beautiful bamboo, like inside the bowl.

I can't wait to use them!

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The whole story is too funny!

Great swap gift Jessy.... I'm off to see if it comes in other colors...


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The bowl and utensils are beautiful Jessica! Please be my swap partner next time??? Cool story Gellchom. Good excuse for a return trip!


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Oooohhhhhhhh Love the color. I can just see a crisp green salad in there.
DO post pics with food!

Well done, Jessica!


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This is a beautiful set - saw one when I was shopping for my swap person and almost bought one! Love the bamboo and color combo looks great! -maria

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Love this swap box. What a lovely color - it's going to make the salads pop.

I bought one for myself yesterday on Rue la rue. Thanks for the inspiration.

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Gorgeous bowl!!....but I am wanting to see the magenta in Lars' hair!
Bwahaha....Jessie ya done good!

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Well done Jessica! That color is breathtaking - I can imagine it with a lovely green salad, chilled and crisp and ready to chase away the muggies. Enjoy Gellchom!



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What a lovely salad set! Great swap package!

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