Slow DSL and virus protection.

mudlady_gwOctober 11, 2011

TDS says Microsoft Essentials and other free protection causes my DSL to slow down. Is this possible? Of course, TDS wants to add around $5 a month to my bill for their "better" virus protection!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

you are right they want to be able to sell you their protection my guess it would be McAfee or Norton based which are much more resource hogs than the free MSE or Avast.

any type of good AV program can slow you down some, depends on the program some are much worse than others. Any program that runs real time uses resources that is how it works period.

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They say theirs is "better"? It's a sales pitch. They ALL say theirs is better. Say no. Stay with MSE. Those sales people can be very aggressive.

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Virus protection programs, especially Norton, slow your machine down terribly. They have nothing to do with the DSL speed. Yes, I suppose that if you have a faster DSL, it might help, but the problem is your machine crunching the boggy program, not your connection speed.

File this under the "They'll say anything to make a sale" header.

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