48" Range -VS- 36" Rangetop+Dual Wall Ovens (see pics)

building_a_houseOctober 30, 2012

Trying to finalize my options here. Was thinking about a 36" rangetop and dual 30" wall ovens (as drawn in the pictures below) but lately am considering a 48" range instead. Here are my reasons...

1. Price is about the same if I used an all gas DCS 48" range (or about $1000 more for a 48" Capital Culinarian if I wanted to "upgrade")

2. I like the look of the 48" range significantly more than the rangetop. Purely a personal thing.

3. I will actually increase my counter space with the 48" range since I won't need the dual 30" ovens.

4. I will obviously need a larger hood. This is fine with me.

5. I have heard great things about the small oven on the 48" actually. It heats up quickly and is quicker to use, etc.

I am posting a few pics so you can see the layout.The oven wall is 11'6" in length. The other wall is roughly 17'. Island is roughly 6'x4'. Ceilings are 10'.

Please tell me what you think. See pics for layout.

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Here is another drawing of the proposed kitchen showing the oven and range wall...

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I had the same dilemma with my remodel. First, what will you use the most? All burners or grill and/or griddle? A 48" gives u a bit more flexibility for cooking, just remember that with range ovens you will always need to bend. Wall ovens are great if you have the space. I can only speak for capital. I own the 48" range with 6 burners+grill, self clean/ rotisserie. I also have the capital single wall oven. I purchased 3months ago.
Wall oven vs Range oven. Wall oven theres, No Bending, saves my back:)... I set it for 350F it beeps when temp reaches 350. The range oven is all gas and does not beep when 350 is reached. So you will need timer and oven thermometer, I like the rotisserie on the range better.

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If I went with the 48" I would go with the 6 burner and griddle model. Not being notified that preheating is completed is an interesting thought --- I checked and the DCS has a light that changes from orange to red when its ready to go.

Keep the input coming. I appreciate it.

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Update, I set the smaller oven to 350F, there is a green light that turns on. Twenty mins later when I checked it, the light was off. I increased the temp to 450F and the green light came back on. I dropped the temp to 300 and light goes off! So the green light goes off when it's ready to go! Good luck!

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