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gabbyOctober 30, 2011

I can't type in my subject line anymore. If I can get it to finally work the subject line some how extends past the regular box and therefore the beginning of my subject line starts in the middle of the box rather than the far left.

Also, can't type in the search box. When I ask at yahoo ask, I get all kinds of answers that have nothing to do with my question. Usually pretty stupid far out there answers. If I try asking the yahoo support, they want money if you are satisfied with there answer. Well I'm not going to give them my credit card for good faith if I like there answer. Or something like that.

So have any of you had this problem and know how to fix it? Sometimes I think when I go to that yahoo ask site, I've found the answer, only to notice it was asked about 3 or more years ago.

Sorry to ramble. My main question, how can I write in my subject line? Thanks for any help/direction you can give me.

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Sign out of Yahoo; then reboot your computer. Then sign-in to Yahoo and let us know if the problem persists.

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Hello gabbygirl

Try this : Double Left click on the word "subject". You now should see your mouse arrow "blinking" in the subject line. It will be about 1 inch from the left.. (That's Yahoo's new up date). But you should now be able to type your subject in the subject line

Hope this helps.

Have A Nice Day

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Thanks kudzu9 and linesman. I have tried the logging in and out before and it would work sometimes then go back to doing nothing.

Linesman, I knew I could click on the word subject like you said, but I just thought it wasn't working properly. None of my family are having the same problem though. It's always me that has problems with yahoo,lol.

So do you think I have a newer update? I don't know why I would.

Do they have more recent updates that I accidentally found? And believe me, it would be an accident!!!

And if y'all are tired of my rambling, I appreciate y'all's help.


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If the problems persist, consider going to Gmail...

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Hey, just letting y'all know, everything fixed itself. Just out of the blue, it started working again.

Genes, one son sent me a link to yahoo for dummies,lol, I think he was serious. And one son has always told me to switch to Gmail, he says he never has any problems.

Thanks again for y'all's help, but I'll be making another post, so look out!!

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