How much countertop weight can a gusseted corbel support?

princessmoxieSeptember 26, 2012

We are in the process of installing quartz countertops, part of which is a LONG, L-shaped raised breakfast bar atop a knee wall. Dimensions are as pictured (thickness = 1.25". 10" overhang, but short side might be 8" overhang). We had prepared the knee wall by installing 5 or 6 hidden-L-shaped brackets at the studs (8" x 8" I think). But upon installation (round 1!), we found that the quartz was WAY heavier than expected, and the brackets still allowed quite a bit of "sag." So, for round 2, I'm asking for any engineering advice any of you may have! I am now planning to get gusseted steel countertop brackets from Federal Brace. Is there a formula I can use to determine how many brackets will work? I gather quartz is around 20-25 lbs per square foot, and that I need to allow for an extra amount in case I need to get on the counter to change the lightbulbs.... what now? Any advice appreciated. note: far right stud is 12" from the second to last one.

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Here's a pic of the situation. We used an old Ikea tabletop temporarily (which worked beautifully!), though it wasn't quite long enough to cover the whole stretch, or the short side of the L.

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view from below.

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.... from this angle you can see the 4" rise. There will be a 1" or 2" overhang on this side.

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Try angle iron brackets instead of just flat.

1 inch angle iron notched at the bend and welded may be stiff enough.

Flat metal does not have all that much stiffness until you get to VERY thick pieces.

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