Heat lamps...are they unattractive in a bathroom?

genab55December 11, 2012

I'm remodeling my master bath and I'm considering using heat lamp/exhaust fans but want wondering if they are tacky looking. Would love to see some pics if anyone has used them and can post pictures.

I had ordered a Panasonic Whisperwarm heater/vent but found out that the wiring wouldn't support it. The lamps take less amps so it would be a good alternative...if they are not too unattractive...any thoughts or pics you could share?

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don't have a picture but since the housing is white and so is the ceiling (or will be we're redoing it) it really doesn't standout out that much...ours is set near the back wall, just above the toilet...the only cautionary is cleaning it on a set schedule, as they do build up dirt and lint from towels, ect...

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Susan, thanks for your response. What brand is yours and is it a single or double bulb? What size is your bathroom and does the lamp put out enough heat?

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