wolf microwave drawer grille very sharp edges

canadian160October 22, 2012

I'm wondering if any one else has had experience with the wolf microwave drawer.

Ours was to be installed in a flush installation but due to a mistake made by our cabinet maker the cabinet wasn't big enough to contain it so we tried a standard installation. The grille at the bottom was rediculously sharp on the corners. The cabinet installer suggested he grind the edge down to solve the problem but really...grind...down...my...overpriced...microwave...oven. No.

I called and they send they would send a replacement part in about 2 weeks in case it was defective because no one has ever complained about this before.

I'm very disappointed in the sharp corners of the grille.

Our cabinet maker will make a deeper cabinet so that it can be installed in a flush manner but I was curious if anyone had also experienced this?

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We have the Wolf microwave drawer.
We did not do the inset installation because
it is on the back of the island in a position that is not very visible.

In the year that we've had the microwave drawer
I have not noticed the sharp edges on the lower grill.
Now that you point them out I see them.
But they have not been a problem for us.
They are no more of a danger/concern than any number of other
90 degree corners around the kitchen and house.

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