GE Profile Dishwasher vs. Bosch?

lds1October 4, 2009

1st time homebuyer here (finally!!!) and have inherited 30 yr. old appliances (no exaggeration) so remodeling and buying new appliances. As for dishwasher, have narrowed it down to the following 2.

1) GE Profile 24 In. Built-In Dishwasher with SmartDispense Technology (Model # PDWT480PSS)


2) Bosch 24" Integra 300 series (model #SHX43P15UC )

From those of you who have experience with either, I'd love to hear whether you're happy with it. The key things I'm looking for is to find the most quiet, and then one that will of course clean very well. From the forums, I've read some complaints about the Bosch not drying well. Is this true? Budget is $900 - $1k max and both of these meet that.

Struggling with decision as we had a Bosch in our apartment rental awhile ago and loved it but are likely buying GE profile french door fridge (any thoughts on which one?) and gas range (again open to recommendations) and will get money back if buy all GE appliances.

Thanks in advance!

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We've had 4 GE Profile dishwashers (2 houses, 2 remodels) and they've been fine. Our current model is PDW8900 with a stainless tub and smart Dispense and it's the best we've ever had. I am amazed at how quiet it is and it cleans well too. It's so much better than the 20 year old model it replaced. You can check the specifications to compare the decibel level of different models.

I've never had a Bosch so I can't compare.

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The issue with Bosch and other European DWs is that you must use rinse aid to get the dishes dry. American-made DWs such as GE, Whirlpool, KA have heating elements that dry the dishes but of course use more energy.

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Thank you for the input. We actually had a Bosch for 2 yrs (renting) and I just can't remember the drying element which is very important to me now. So if I understand correctly, the European dw's like Bosch do not dry... is this correct?

Weissman, can you clarify about the rinse aid? How does a rinse aid help with drying? What does everyone with Bosch's and Miele's do? Just open the door a bit and wait for it to air dry? We have a very subpar (read total crap) Kenmore dishwasher now (rental) and not only is it very loud but it doesn't dry well and I don't want to have to do what I'm doing now... keep door open, wait to air dry.

Mcmann, I'm happy to hear how happy you are wiht your dishwasher. I assume it dries well also?

Thx again.

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Most European DWs dry everything well except the plastic. if you use alot of plastic, it may be an issue. However, there are no drying elements, so you won't melt your plastic accidentally.

If the racks are not arranged well, then there is NOT enough slope on the tops of the cups as they sit in the racks. The water that collects on the little indentation on the top of the upside down cup can still be there at the end of the cycle. I would take your cups and see how they sit on the rack. If they sit flat AND there is a good amount of dimpling there, then you will have a bit of standing water there.

This is what my new Bosch does not do very well (one of the reasons I think the rack is poorly designed). There is NOT enough sloping of the coffee cups to get the water off the upside down cup.

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European style drying... plastic ware and non-stick coatings do not necessarily dry well. Usage of Jet-Dry or equivalent is needed.

It's a trade-off. You get to choose which is more important in your usage. If they absolutely positively have to be dry, get a DW with a bottom heating element (and much worse efficiency). Make sure any delicate plastics stay on the top rack.

Or, keep your dishtowel handy and use the European style drying (no bottom heated element)... and/or open the door at the end of the cycle and let it dry overnight. As a bonus you get much higher efficiency and no worries about keeping delicate plastics on the top rack.

It's great to have choices!

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I keep hearing about Bosch not drying. I own a Bosch and do not understand this drying issue at all. My DW is programmable for the has 2 settings. The high setting makes my dishes super HOT. So hot, my kids cannot touch the silverware or dishes until they cool down. Either some models are not programmable, or people are just not aware. The DW did come pre programmed on the low setting, and that did not dry as well. After reading the manual, there are numerous programmable features.

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I didn't find the user manual very user friendly. My top-of-the-line 800 series doesn't even have the correct program names and descriptions included.

I enabled the intensive drying feature, if that's what you are referring to. But I still have some wet plastic and non-stick surfaces unless I allow some open door air drying time.

See the attached images for controls on my DW and for the instruction manual for my unit. BTW, from my perspective, these are observations and not complaints. I like the DW. The cutlery tray is great! I accept the drying issues in lieu of worrying about delicate plastic placement. (that being said, I did have a plastic bottle deform in the top tray on one occasion!)

Controls (note 3 auto cycles):

Instructions (note only one auto cycle description):

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lds1- yes it dries well too. If you open the dishwasher immediately after it's done drying you can feel how warm the plates are.

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If you really want the best of all worlds, the top end Mieles combine multiple technologies to increase drying without using a heating element. They circulate room temp air outside the stainless steel walls of the DW, increasing the moisture condensation (which is how they dry). They also use an external sensor to measure room temp and adjust the DW cycles and temps to compensate. If you really want the Rolls Royce solution, the La Perlas actually automatically crack open the door at the beginning of the drying cycle. That's designed to specifically address the wet plastic issue. Just to point out in this eco-conscious world that there are ways to enhance performance other than brute force (i.e., a big electric "toaster element" in the bottom of a DW).

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Just found couples of comments on other thread - Sorry if I am not supposed to copy paste -

Dishwasher recommendations???

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* Posted by gini2 (My Page) on
Thu, Feb 4, 10 at 8:54

Warmfridge, You might wish to consider GE Profile. I recently traded in my 7 yr old top of the line Bosch for the Profile. It has a much better rack system than the Bosch, including 'large bowl' movable tines. It isn't quite as quiet as the Bosch, even though the Bosch was rated at 46 decibels and the Profile at 47 decibels. It cleans much better than the Bosch and has a much sturdier feel. Can't report on reliability as I've only had it for about 2 weeks but I have had no problems into a year with my Profile double oven range, FL washer/dryer and fridge.

Here is a link that might be useful: GE Profile Dishwasher PDWT580RSS

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to the thread

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