Miele DW door replacement

SimonDemlerOctober 12, 2013

Hi all,

I've been lurking in these forums for a while as I'm doing research on kitting out a new house. As it happens our DW has just failed in our old house so I need to replace this earlier than anticipated. Funds are more limited now than I expect them to be in the future so I need to make some choices.

I have an opportunity to purchase a reconditioned dishwasher direct from Miele at a great price but it is only available in white. My preference was stainless steel but unfortunately I can't afford this currently.

My question is this; the white model (G5620SC) is also available in stainless steel (G5620SC CLST) so if I buy the white model would it be possible to replace the door with a stainless steel one when funds become available or is this a crazy idea and the models are completely incompatible?


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The British versions of Miele may be different but here in the States only the custom panel versions can the door skin be changed affordably.

There is one veteran GW poster from Germany that knows Miele dishwashers really well. Maybe he will come in and confirm or tell you different.

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