DCS Range trouble--any hints?

meganmcaOctober 21, 2013

We just got a DCS range...if it's possible to return it, I need to do it tomorrow (7 days); naturally that's a 20% restock fee plus I'm sure we pay un-installers & plumbers to disconnect & everything, so out around $1000+ for this experiment. Not a good thing.

Problems we're having:
The fan that pulls air out of the oven is really loud--much much louder than we'd expected. We can hear it two rooms away with the door closed. Is this right? It comes on either when the oven has been turned off OR when it's been running for a bit--though I don't understand why it wants to remove air from the oven I want to be hot. The fan is so strong it can be felt on the other side of the 54" aisle. It's got to be cooling down pots on the stove to have that much air blowing around.

The other problem we see is with the simmer burners. One burner won't stay on simmer--it turns itself on and off--unless one of the other burners is on. The oven kicking on (as it does when running) turns the simmer burner off momentarily as well.

Is this all common/normal, or do we have a lemon, or what? We bought the range partly on recommendations we read here, didn't see anything like this, alas...DCS 30" all gas, no self-clean oven.



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There are two fans - the convection fan and the cooling fan. If you're not running it in convection mode, no fan should come on initially. The cooling fan only come on when the oven gets too hot and will stay on for a while after you turn the oven off. You might need a service call.

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It's the cooling fan that's coming on (convection fan seems to be fine, and I can certainly tell the difference)--but, what's the definition of "too hot"? I'd be OK if it were just after we turn the oven off, but it seems to come on after about 20 min of cooking & stay on for, oh, an hour + after we turn it off--roasting a chicken at 350ish. But I can't tell from the manual if that's right or not...or from web searching!

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I don't have a dcs or any experience with it. But from what you're describing, it sounds like you have a defective unit. You should return it and demand a full refund and absolutely refuse a restocking fee. If they complain, you should file a complaint with your local states attorney generals consumer fraud division.

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I have a DCS - yes the cooling fan comes on while the oven is still running and continues after the oven shuts - yours may well be normal and you're just unhappy with the noise.

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Wish I could tell how loud is normal, that's for sure...how loud would you say yours is? --thanks for the answers, both of you!

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It's a little louder than I would have expected, but not too loud for me - but loudness is definitely subjective.

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I hate noise! I have an all gas DCS and I can tell you I barely hear the fans. I do all cookies with the convection fan running. The simmer rings are one of the stars of DCS. Clearly your range needs to be seen by a repair service or exchanged for a properly working range at no cost to you.

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Thanks!! OK, service-or-return/exchange, then. We'll call the appliance store today & see what happens (they're the repair people too).

Eandhl--good, you've confirmed that we're possibly not the pickiest people ever. I mean, fan noise is one thing, but this is loud enough you need to turn the TV up in the LR (not open concept)...and we think we're actually watching the fan blow out the simmer burners since they seem to work fine w/o fan (fan on, oven off, so not drawing gas)

weissman--you've got it in one, loudness is subjective so worries me doubly. So easy for repair people to say "no, that's normal". Been that road with a microwave. It broke. They repaired it. It made, oh, 5x the noise as before the repair. But this was "OK", "normal"...and then out of warranty. Actually, would this question work? How much louder is it then the convection fan for you?

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It is louder than the convection fan. On the other hand eandhl is right that the simmer burners should work properly.

By the way, I originally had a problem that when I had the oven on, the rear burners sometimes wouldn't light - they sent me a replacement rear vent that directed the air flow differently which solved the problem - but this was about 10 years ago and the newer ranges shipped with the better vent. If I were you, I'd go for a service call - it's a good range.

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Thanks--Service people will come next week--that's the earliest we can have a DCS specialist, which is certainly what we want. We'll see what they can do/not do. I hate waiting that long, but at least we have a stove & oven, right?

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I really meant it when I said I hate noise. For a number of years I had a JennAir with convection. I used it once and the fan noise was loud, never again. Also using the grill/griddle the vent automatically came on and it was noisy so I didn't use them. I am not even aware if a fan comes on in the oven of my DCS.

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Update: Apparently there's a known problem with the island trim on my range. They're ordering the part & will install in 9 days...me, I'm hoping this will help with the noise issue too. Repair guy says probably not, but hey, I know fan noise is often more about the way the air moves than the fan itself, so I can hope.

Though neither the service guy nor I am clear on why I have island trim without an island. Stove was installed against a wall in the store, so I never questioned. I don't care one way or another that I know of--anything here I'm missing?

We're waiting on the "simmer burners going out" issue until we solve the fan one, because it might all be caused by the airflow being wrong. At least the repairman agrees--first words out of his mouth when fan went on were "that's really weird". And he's smart enough that the next thing he did was call the manufacturer!

Thank you all for your help--hearing that it was a real issue from you guys really helped us calmly wait the week for diagnosis!

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