How does the "after bids" meeting go?

sweet.reverieSeptember 17, 2012

Our builder has all the bids in and I am SO nervous! We, like others, are trying to keep the build "modest" (not sure what counts as modest!) but we will be helping with some of the work as is allowed by our lender and such.

How did this meeting go for you? If you were over-budget, what next steps did you take?

Thanks in advance?

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We were over budget like many, but we spoke to the builder on our must haves and sorted out our needs (ie.granite in the laundry room is out as was soapstone) we were able to find some savings in the materials our contractor buys from his suppliers ($10 porcelain sinks/$5sqft hardwood floors...) we do however have to go through the sales "yard" to pick them out. We considered doing some unfinished areas...less custom areas(empty closets). It really depends on how much over you are and what your willing to forgo: sqftage, finishes, ceiling heights, appliances,...

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We came in 8% over and decided to bid it out to other GC's just to double check pricing. We also got rid of a playroom upstairs and tweeked a few things. Like originally i was going to do a wide plank floor but am going with a narrow width. I didn't care what it was as long as it was site finished wood.

In the end our builder was able to come down to within 1% of the budget. Also we are building fixed price so along the way I won't have cost surprises.

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