are there practical reasons to use wainscoting rather than floor

elphaba_gwDecember 9, 2012

bathroom not that big. I posted sometime about wainscoting or horizontal trim and most thought it was best to be avoided because of visual clutter.

I need to make a decision on whether I'm going to ask my tile guy to tile from floor to ceiling above the vanity and mirror or whether I want wainscoting with tile ending right below the sconces, then bullnose trim,then sheetrock above that. The wainscoting can extend around all the walls, not just above the vanity but I'm not sure. No problem with deciding in the large shower where I know I want floor to ceiling. Just can't make my mind up about the rest of the bathroom.

My first inclination was to go floor to ceiling everywhere with tile. I've chosen a 12X24 porceilain marble look a-like tile that is pretty darn cheap so money not a big issue here and contractor is not charging me more either way.

What I think I know:

Tile from floor to ceiling creates a more contemporary style and I like contemporary.
Wainscoting - adds a more traditional look somewhat depending on rest of bathroom and house is eclectic

But what I don't know is whether wainscoting is better for maintenance/repair later on. Such as if I want to replace sconces of if they need repair. Same thing over the toilet. Also, seems any desire to hang some art on the wall is limited (i.e. no changes from original choice of location of "hook" if tile to the ceiling).

And one last issue relevant here is that I have a wall mounted faucet (with an undermount sink). Doesn't seem right but should I somehow think of sheetrock around the wall mounted faucet for future repair options? One side question, perhaps I shouldn't choose wainscoting but instead use a smaller mesh tile (that matches the larger field tile) that would be easier to remove in small pieces if repairs were necessary.

Note: counter top as changed a bit from drawing - it will be 8ft continuous instead of a wall between linen section and vanity section in case that provides useful info.

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It sounds like you want a more modern look, so you'd have to be careful not to get wainscoting that looks really traditional.

My concern with tile to the ceiling on all walls is that it can come off as kind of cold and echo-chambery. Since your shower wall runs into the vanity wall, that would be a good place to do all tile, but maybe leave the rest of the room plain old sheetrock. Possibly you would want tile behind the toilet, but I'd just try to leave some surface softer.

Tough call on whether to combine smaller tiles with the large scale. I don't think small tile would make it that much easier to rip a faucet out, but then again, I've never tried it.

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