would you buy a refurbished 30' drawer Sharp Micro?

gr8daygwOctober 25, 2011

First question: would you buy it? 30 day guarantee and return policy with extended warranty for extra $$ A new one is $799 and this one is $418 which is still way over what I would normally pay for a micro but it's the built in look that got me and the cool drawer push button silent close...what can I say, I'm a sucker. My micro has recently started to arc for no apparent reason, not using anything different in it dish wise. I'm sort of afraid of it now.

Second question: it says it's 30" but my cabinet island is 29 on the inside 30 on the outside so I'm assuming the face of the appliance sits on the outside of the cab so that it would fit ok? Dumb question I am sure...but I thought my cabs were standard and so they must make this to fit in it. This would be an online purchase.

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I would if the extended warranty was free. Else for my money, I'd save another month or two for a new one. But that's just me. I might take a chance on a floor model if I trusted the retailer, but whenever I read 'refurb' on anything I tend to stay away. Good luck.

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I would and did. I bought a refurb 24" Sharp from eBay. New is about 1K. Mine was less than $500. Will buy the extended warranty at about $67. I've had good luck with refurb appliances in the past. With the cost of an entire new kitchen and whole house reno, it was worth it to me to save half the cost of new.

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I bought a 24" refurbished Sharp MW drawer, too. It works like a dream. Some pics of it in this thread over on the kitchen forum. Scroll about half way down. The 30" should fit into a 30" cab overlapping the face frame a bit.

I've always had good luck with refurbished electronics.

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Thanks so much for the input. That helps a lot!

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laxsupermom, wow!!! I just read your thread you linked above and that is a genius of a solution installing the micro with the drawers sideways etc. I am so impressed with your clever idea of doing that. Thanks for posting that to me, I really enjoyed looking at that entire thread.

So now I'm wondering if the 24" might be an ok way to go instead of the 30". Both were available. I noticed in the thread and also breezy that you went with the 24". I don't really cook in the micro just reheat things and for some prepackaged things once in a great while. But I just thought that I liked the 30" for the built in look but it's rather big!!! Things to ponder....there really is no difference in the price and on one website the new 24 was more than the new 30 for some reason. They may have just had overstock on the 30's or something like that. Thank you all again for the very helpful advice.

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In the case of the microwave drawer I just bought,
the interior and capacity of the 24" and 30" are exactly the same.
Only the look and width on the outside are different.
The extra inches in width are purely aesthetic so that the 30" micro drawer matches other 30" wide elements in the kitchen.

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Your welcome, gr8day. I had considered getting the 30", but the interior capacity is the same on the 2, and I could use the additional storage space. Plus the box of a 30" cab is basically a perfect square so I knew I could reuse the drawers sideways.

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I also bought the 24" because the 30" has the same interior capacity, and I wanted the extra 6" in storage instead of MW trim.

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good point,
thanks so much, very helpful!

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any problems yet with those who have the refurbished sharp microwave drawers? what about other refurbished appliances for a kitchen remodel?

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My refurbished Sharp continues to work well after 6 months of use.

I think you need to ask specifically about each individual refurbished appliance.

I once bought a refurbished Hoover at Big Lots.

I could not believe the price. Then I found out why. A complete POS.

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I've been using my refurb'd Sharp MW drawer for 15 months now. I did not buy the extended warranty like I mentioned in 2011 that I would do. Works like new.

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