My Gmail Font size keeps shrinking

lynnalexandraOctober 6, 2011

I use firefox, window 7 64 bit home premium. Relatively new Dell 14R laptop.

For some reason, as I must have brushed across a key or touchpad, the font size for gmail keeps getting smaller. I can no longer read it, it's so small. All other web pages display fine. If I check firefox tools, options, the font size for all is 20 point (seems strange - but it displays fine). I don't want to enlarge everything. How can I change font size for gmail. I can't find a way within gmail.

I also wonder what I'm doing or brushing against that keeps shrinking it.



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Hold the Ctrl key down while rotating the scroll wheel on your way is larger and the other is smaller font

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Hi, Genes. I don't have a scroll wheel or a mouse. Just a touchpad. I tried holding down the control key while running my finger in different directions over the touchpad - and also while hitting the right or left touchpad key - and also while hitting the directional arrow keys. Nothing changed.

Any other things I can try?

This also happens on google search pages. So it's a google thing. my other tabs - sites - are fine. Unfortunately that means that when I click on help from gmail - I get these teeny unreadable pages.


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Hold down the ctrl key and tap the +.

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Hi, Lynn

Just to clarify: are you saying that the "minimum font size" is set to display nothing less than 20 pt but that GMail is still showing the smaller size ? (Options > Content > Fonts and Colors > Advanced > Minimum Font Size)

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Bob - thanks. That did it - control +. Whew!

not2bright - I did go to that tab- actually one setting for font size was 20 - but minimum was actually 13 - which still should have been plenty big enough.

fortunatley control+ fixed it. I'm still curious as to what caused the shrinking in the first place.


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