Question on Hood vent pipe installation

SkidkidOctober 21, 2012

I am about done with the kitchen remodel, only a couple of things left. I am about to install my new ModernAire hood, Fantech silencer, and Abbaka HyEx-14 blower and I have a question about the vent piping.

I have installed dryer vending and I know that it isn't screwed and the joints go in the direction of the airflow. In other words, the crimped end points toward the outside.

A quick read of various materials makes it appear that this type of pipe may be screwed and there is no mention of a direction for the joints. The silencer has slip on connections with rubber seals, same on both ends, and no apparent screw points.

The conflicting information leaves me uncertain if there is a directionality for the pipe and if it should be screwed at joints or not. Can someone give me a pointer on this?

I live in San Jose, CA if that makes much of a difference.

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I don't know what San Diego's particular requirements might be, but suggest the following.

Screws can ensure that ducting doesn't separate.

Rubber lined clamps such as go with the Fantech parts don't need screws.

The choice of having the duct section female ends at higher elevation than the male ends will help keep any grease accumulation from leaking out.

(If this were a commercial application, the ducting would have to be steel, welded at the connections, and provided with clean-outs.


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Thank you. Residential application but I am using steel 10" duct. Not much room for things to move around up there so I will strap things down and tape the joints with aluminum tape.

There is not much vertical pipe. The path is through the ceiling, then horizontal for ~5 ft to the silencer (horizontal as well), immediate 90 and less than 2 ft rise to the blower.

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2 45* are better than 1 90* as far as air flow is concerned.

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