Samsung Refrigerator

shopper_2006October 1, 2006

Today i bought the Samsung RM255LASH. I have spent weeks looking at refrigerators and researching them.

DH and i really like the looks of the Maytag FD with the ice and water in the door, but after researching it, there are problems with the circuit boards, ice maker, and warm water in the door etc.. They need to perfect these FD models with the Ice and water in the door before i can justify spending that kind of money on a refrigerator.

I wanted to say that i really appreciate all of you who post your experiences here. It is so helpful to anyone researching a product such as i was. I will post my experiences with this Samsug after i get it and have used it for a while.

Thank you all............

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It is a beautiful refrigerator.
The only reason why I disqualified it was because the upper areas are no wider than my current side by side and I am looking for the additional width that the French doors offer. Like you, I want ice in the door since a lot of water and ice gets consumed (rather than teas and sodas). The Maytag Ice2O certainly has had major problems thus far. The LG unit of the same genre seems to be fairing much better, but is still not free of the horror stories from time to time.

Enjoy your appears to be a well thought out and well built unit.

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I saw a nice Samsung SxS in Costco for a very, very good price: around $1100 or so.

This is pretty hard to resist. I had already gotten an LG FD full depth, black, so I was not in the market.

It looked good.


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Today the new Samsung refrigerator (model RM255LASH) was delivered. All i can say is WOW" it is really awsome! My DH didn't think it was working because he cant hear it at all. It is on, but makes alsolutely no noise. The power freeze is great. We had put our food in ice chests until the new refrigerator arrived, the power freeze was great for getting the temp in the freezer to freezing temperature quickly. It seems to have plenty of room for food both in the freezer and refrigerator section. I will probably rearrange things a few times till i find a comfortable place for everything. So far, i see no drawbacks to this refrigerator. I will post my findings (positive and negative) after using it for a while.

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I am excited for you. Enjoy the Samsung!

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shopper 2006 states:
"I will post my findings (positive and negative) after using it for a while."

Must be she lost her findings for it's been 2.5 months. :o)

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Yeah...we are stil considering it, even though we may have ruled it out...

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In all fairness to the subject, I should post a follow-up.

In the end, I bought the Samsung Quatro a few weeks ago...not yet delivered. I went with Best Buy since the Stainless Steel is much nicer than Samsung's version of the titanium finish, which is Lowe's offering. (compared to LG).

The LG is beautiful, but that can be skin deep- at least that has been the experience of some.

What drove me to pounce?
One day, Best Buy had the Samsung on sale. I had a coupon good for 12% off too. It was for in-stock items. The salesman on the phone insisted that I could use it for this purchase. I went to the store and he made it so. In the end, I walked out with the sale, including tax and a 5 year warranty for less than the asking price just a few days earlier.

Be well,

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I got the Samsung sxs delivered 2 weeks agao from lowes. waited a week untile we decided to keep it because the wife didn't like the grey sides. we paid $1800 for the stainless steel fridge, BUT...

The fridge doesn't seem to be cold enough for my milk. now I'm picky and like my COLD milk not just chilled milk. anyone have any idea about this? I'm thinking of returning it or calling sevice. We only put about 10-15 items into the fridge thsu not sure if it need to be more full to get a desired temperature.

INSIGHTS anyone?

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Shopper 2006, do you still like your fridge? I am trying to get a different fridge as the one I purchased is too deep and this one might fit the bill. Thanks

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I would also like to know your thoughts on it. My wife and I saw this fridge for the first time today at Lowes, and I must say the styling is much better than what ever is out there right now. I just wonder about problems with a strange fridge company. I know Samsung makes great products in other areas, but a fridge, I hesitate.


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Tom... I'm with you. I like this refrigerator but keep thinking Samsung???????? for a fridge?????

Shopper2006... Are you out there??

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I bought the Samsung french door a few weeks ago & have been very happy with it. My initial reaction though was like both of you, Tom & Tobokat. Samsung, fridge? They make TV's? They have been making fridges for a while though & seem to have more unique features than most brands. I love the idea of the quad fridge, but then I reminded myself that I didn't want a sxs & the feel of the quad is very similar to a sxs, you still don't get that width.

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I am so sorry for not posting a follow up. Our daughter got married and we had to plan an out of state wedding, then in state reception for the people who couldnt fly to maui etc....

I love my samsung quad door refridgerator. I am so happy with my purchase. No regrets at all.

Did have one small problem. DH left the door to the freezer slightly ajar over night. Everything defrosted and the temp wouldn't go back up. I called samsung and they said to pull the fridge out and un-plug it, wait, plug it back in. Like a computer it needed to re-boot.

No other problems. It is a wonder refridgerator and i would buy it again in a heartbeat.

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