Opinion: Culinarian Rangetop or Wolf Range

m1t3000October 16, 2012


I'm new to this board but have been reading heavily the last few weeks.

I'd like to ask for a little advice with respect to our new kitchen. I'm moving in to a new home next June and have to give the builder specs for the kitchen very soon. With the current promotion on Wolf ranges going on I'm having a hard time deciding. Basically, the choice is this:

Option 1:

36" Capital Culinarian Rangetop - 6 Burners

Miele Wall Oven

Miele Speed Oven

Option 2:

Wolf Range - 6 Burner

Miele Wall Oven

Miele Speed Oven

Now, I don't need essentially 3 ovens like in Option 2 but the price breakdown is negligible. The rangetop in Toronto costs $3700 and the builder is charging me $1180 for the cabinetry work to accomodate a rangetop - total is approx. $4900.

If I go with the Wolf Range, Wolf is currently selling the SRT366 6 burner range for $5400. We're talking an extra $500. I'm leaning toward the Wolf scenario even though I don't need the extra oven. But the house is a higher end home with a large kitchen and it may make sense for resale to just invest the $500 and go with the Wolf. The thing that's stopping me is that I've used the Culinarian before and I LOVE IT... FANTASTIC MACHINE!!!

The wall oven is a must as my wife prefers it. To be honest, we would only be using the Wolf oven in option 2 sparingly - I'd probably use it more often for that amazing broiler.

Any thoughts... should I keep the $500 in my pocket or just splurge?

Thanks in advance.

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Let us know what type of use the cooktop will get.

(1) Will you do a lot of stir frying, Woking, or other things that high heat will increase the performance of?

(2) Or do you do a lotta simmering, delicate sauces, other things that require a low temperature?

If answer is #1 go with the Culinarian.
If answer is #2 go with the Wolf.

There is a 3rd option, Get the Blue star, It will simmer as well as perform well at the high heat end too.

Too much fussing, for my taste, right now, in trying to get a good simmer out of the Cullinarian---Some have done it mind you, but they are
"CGSFIE's" (Cullinarian Gas Simmer Fix It Experts)

My self I wanted even more, faster boiling, precise simmering for hours on end, Cleanup, a "Non Event"!
Guess what I got?

As far as the wall ovens, I guess you want the Wall oven for looks and or "Brand Name"? While the Miele Speed Oven gets many favorable reviews, You best look at reviews for the Miele oven and "To Date" We have not seen enough "Convincing posts" that the problem you will find, (Low Temps) has been solved.

Good luck with your choices!!!


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First question, are you sure of the Wolf model number? I did a search on it and it's a rangetop. That might impact your decision.


The second question is when do you plan on selling your home? If it's within the next 6 to 12 months, resale matters a little bit. But even then, the Wolf might not add that much. In a high dollar home, it's negligible. You could go either way, because it'll still be a new range to the home buyer. Unless the potential buyer knows cooking or has shopped rangetops, they'll likely think it's a Viking if they don't see the red knobs. No loss on resale there.

If you have no plans of flipping your home, then you should go with what you love, because you have to live with it for the foreseeable future.

Disclaimer, I own a CC and I totally agree. It's a fantastic machine.

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You're right, I made a mistake with the model number, it's R366 insofar as the Wolf. I don't plan on flipping it.... I plan on staying in the house for about 6-7 years and then sell and custom build our dream home. This house is more of an investment than anything else.

I thought of the Bluestar but my wife ruled that out immediately. I can't figure her out but there is something about the BlueStar RNB range that just turns her off. I'm not going to win that fight, so I just stopped trying. LOL

Most of the cooking I do involves Italian/Greek.... so yes, simmering is VERY important to me for sauces. I stir fry every now and then but this is literally maybe 5% of our cooking.

As far as the Miele... you are absolutely correct. My wife loves the look of those ovens. She's read enough good reviews and is pretty much sold. I could get a floor model Wolf E series but she really wants the speed oven and I don't like the two of those paired with each other on a wall. They look a little too different. I was looking at the Elux Icon Speed Oven which seems to go very well with a Wolf E series. Both get excellent reviews and I have no objections to that combo.

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I've had the Elux Icon speed oven over 5 years now. Completely trouble free except for a screw that came loose on the handle.

The Miele Speed oven will broil alto most post here aren't bragging about the broiling ability of the Miele Speed oven.
The Elux will not broil but does everything else and quite well too. Operation is more simple than the Miele, especially using it as a microwave, just enter the time and hit start.

The other thing I like about it is I can read the display and operate the controls without fetching my reading glasses, I can not see the Miele controls without said glasses. I like the fact that the display completely disappears when you are not using the speed oven, except for a white clock. We do have the matching Elux Icon regular oven, so things "Match" alto "Matchie Matchie" was not the reason I bought the oven, The Blue interior, The fully gliding out racks (Really handy since our oven is below counter---the huge glass and the well lighted interior helps out a lot too for undercounter installations.

Myself, had I not bought the Elux, my 2nd choice would have been the Wolf oven, as they do have great service, and I would say it's a "WASH" as far as post go, here in GArden web about problems with either oven, (Wolf or Elux).

For the way you cook, since the Bluestar is "ruled out" "Me thinks your "Safest Bet" would be the Wolf!


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Gary... thank you so much for your valuable advice. I really appreciate it. I'll look more closely at the Icon Speed Oven. We sit down on Friday with our kitchen designer to go over prices and selections, which basically means I'll be buying either the Capital or Wolf on Saturday. I need to get this out of the way. I'll take a bit more time looking into the Miele/Wolf/Elux ovens though since we know that we are going to be doing double wall oven cutouts for our cabinet in any event. It's just a matter of what's going in. I talked the guy at the appliance store down to $2800 for the floor model E series. I think that's a pretty fair deal - and he'll hold it for 8 months until we move in.

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Frankly, I'd skip the Miele ovens and get Wolf instead. I'm not speaking from personal experience but there have been lots of complaints on the this forum over the last few years about Miele ovens not reaching and maintaining temperatures properly. Miele DWs get great reviews, but the ovens not so much. Do a search.

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Thank you Weissman. I'll do a more careful read. Until now, everybody I spoke with gave me nothing but excellent reviews on Miele ovens - particularly their speed oven.

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