Need advice on my new backsplash!

AdorabeleDecember 17, 2013

So I just had New Azul Aran granite installed in my bathrooms and the installer made a suggestion that we go with "Pearl Grey" bamboo glass backsplash.

Well, it's in, and I'm absolutely NOT liking it! Is it as bad as I think? I feel like the different patterns clash....

Should I just learn to love this or plan on replacing it? I won't get my money back on this if I do decide to replace it which is super unfortunate :(

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I love your granite and the backsplash tile. You should live with it for a few months before deciding if you might redo it. I think I could live with this combination happily forever. :)

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Hi there,

i agree with you.
its looks odd.
you have to do somthing.

Thank You.

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I would not be happy with it either. And with the mirror, it's doubling the effect. Your granite is beautiful and needs to be the star. I would pull a lighter shade from your granite and do a simple ceramic tile. Is there tile under your mirror? Can you raise the mirror so that the tile underneath is the same height as along the side wall?

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Love your granite! And not just because it's the same/almost the same as mine! (My fabricator is calling it Aran Cream). Does yours have sparkly pieces in it?

I think am going with a mosaic marble backsplash. It picks up one of the predominant colours and echos the angled pattern of the granite rather than fighting with it, as the linear glass seems to.

This pic shows it with my original marble which I changed to the Aran Cream granite.

There are lots of mosaic tiles out there, if you prefer a different colour/texture. I brought one home that had a lighter mosaic in the middle and a dark stripe across the top and bottom and it looked amazing with the granite. ONly problem it was only ~ 4" high and I want a taller backsplash.

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Thanks everyone for your feedback!

I shouldn't have ignored my gut feeling and went with a different backsplash...ugh! My husband said it looked just fine to him and I never was design savvy. At least the granite was a wise choice.

Raehelen - yes, my granite does have sparkles in it. Love it! And those are some wonderful backsplash choices. I wish I had visited this board beforehand, haha.

Anyways, I can't afford to rip/replace it all out now so I'll have to suffer with it for the time being. Live and learn I suppose! One day I will have the bathroom I dream of :)

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