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dreambuilderSeptember 26, 2012

Be kind. I'm a novice and I have worked very hard on figuring out how to make the most functional space I can. I know the scale is not correct. My main concern is to have very large storage areas--closets, laundry, etc...Thanks:)

Tentative sizes:

entry: 8 x 12

dining: 15 x 15

office: 15 x 15

3 bedrooms: 15 x 15

bedroom baths: 8 x8 except one with tub 7 x 13

laundry: skewed but 15 x 15 apx. square footage with 2 islands--one for laundry baskets one for work space which are 4 x 6 each

bedroom closets--10 x 10

master bedroom--17 x 19

master bath--?? thoughts?

master closet--14 x 20 with 2 islands for drawers 4x6 each

kitchen--20 1/2 x 24 with island 10 1/2 x 6 1/2 (i want an office nook which is the cubby area you see)

informal dining (sunroom)--14 x 14

covered deck--18 x 24

pantry--15 x 13 (this is huge on purpose)

mudroom closet--all coats and all shoes/gloves/snowpants/sport equipment/etc. will go here 15 x 15 (would like island in there as well)--again I want this huge--it will be a workhorse room

Powder room-??? thoughts I don't want to have to squeeze in to get to toilet.

--cubbies in back hallway by garage

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Is there a plan to go along with the room sizes?

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There is--on the "preview" screen it is there but then when I hit submit it doesn't show up. Not sure what the problem is...will post as soon as I can...anyone have a suggestion to fix it?

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The plan looks alright, but like you said the scale is way off. So it's hard to comment on anything until that's fixed.

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Does anyone know of a free planner where I could type in my dimensions and have it draw it to scale? Thanks. The above is from

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No, all CAD programs (free or otherwise) require you to draw each room to the size you want. Computers can't know which way you want to move a room if it doesn't quite fit with other rooms that you've drawn.

Try this instead. Get some graph paper and cut out rectangles to scale to represent each room you want. If you use the standard 1/4 inch graph paper, it usually works well to let each square represent a 2 ft or 3 ft square. Label each rectangle with which room it is.

Then sit down at your kitchen table and push the pieces around until you have a layout that you like. You'll probably find that you have to make some rooms larger or smaller than you originally planned. You'll see this when you're forced to overlap two pieces or leave gaps between some pieces.

Once you have a layout you like, tape the pieces down then get a fresh sheet of graph paper and DRAW what you have. (You can tape two or more pieces of graph paper together - matching up the lines carefully - if a single sheet isn't large enough.) Use a black felt-tip pen to go over the lines then scan the image or, lay it down flat and take a photograph and post that. Or, you can go back to and DRAW what you have created.

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