KateB22December 21, 2013

I am down to the wire on having to choose two bathtubs by the end of tomorrow.
I have narrowed it down to kohler

one 60X 32 ( possibly Bancroft or expanse)
and one 60X32 (expanse) or 60X34.

I have spent hours researching the measurements and so forth online but I am not able to visit a showroom so have to order them unseen! hard to do!!

so please advise.

The first will b in the master bath which will actually be my own private bathroom.
The other will be in the other bath which will be used by my husband and son.

So, I am 5 ft 3, my husband is 6 ft 2 and we have a young son. Because I want my wn bathroom husband and son will share the one bath, so that is meeting two different needs in one tub.

For my own one, I take baths a lot. And I like to soak somewhat deep. I have seen some deep tubs that just look uncomfortablely deep. For me, a 5 ft 2 woman- would a 15 inch water depth be too much? How much depth do I really need?
The expanse looks okay because it is wide- but the depth of the water is only 12 and 5/8.

Husbands and sons bathroom has a little bigger width option ( can go up to 34). I am thinking of the expanse for them an the Bancroft for me but am totally unsure.
The Bancroft may be too deep for me. And the expanse may b too shallow fot my husband. The Bancroft would be too deep for the child for sure.
tub for my regular long comfortable baths ( that will also have a shawoer in it) and I am trying to find a comfy bath for my tall husband ( bathroom cant fit longer than a 5 ft tub). Maybe he needs deeper than I do?

I am wondering if the Bancroft feels "too" deep- and with the 20 inch walls.
Please advise about which tubs might be good for us! I have to order them by tomorrow!!!
So anyway- I am trying to find a good 60X32 acrylic

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Are these to be soaking tubs only, or will they be tub/showers? If they are to be tub showers, you want something shallower and easier to step in and out of and that includes an integral tile flange.

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they will be showers too. What is an integral tile flange??

I was just wondering if the Bancroft 20 inch height is too tall.

I am also looking at the portrait.

What is a good height to go for that is not too tall but provides a good deep bath?
I see 15 inch 14 inch and 12 .5 inch soaking tubs. Please advise!!!

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I looked up integral tile flange so I understand that now.
So now I have to look at which kohler's have that. I see so far the portrait has it- but it is also a 20 inch high bathtub. I haveto look more! And still welcome any advice.

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I like deep soaking baths. I am 4'10". I have bathed in the Kohler Bancroft at my brother's house where it is installed in the second bathroom. I find it exceedingly nice and deep. It is 20" high with a water depth of 15" which is the same for most garden tubs. If you have bathed in a Jacuzzi brand oval tub or maybe a cultured marble garden tub, then the height of the basin sides will be similar to the Bancroft. I don't know if you are using it for a shower, but it has a large basin for a 60x32 tub which gives you a lot of standing room. Excellent choice.

The Kohler Expanse is an excellent choice for your second bathroom since it will be predominantly used for bathing children and taking showers. It is not too deep for kids and it is deeper than the cast iron Villager. The width will be great for your husband and your son when taking showers especially if you install a curved shower rod to match the tub. The basin of the Expanse is similar to the size of a 5 foot garden tub - it is quite large.

Be careful what products you use to clean your tubs. I really dulled my builder garden tub by using Scrubbing Bubbles on it. Be careful bathing dogs - use towels or mats to protect the tub from toenails - even hang a towel over the edge for when they try to crawl out of the tub. Rinse off outside if you are sandy or have a lot of loose dirt on yourself - the sand and dirt will scratch the tub. And protect the tubs with blankets or their cardboard boxes during tile work and construction.

I know it was a hard decision for you since you are a bath person. Shower people could care less. Great choices.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Acrylic Tub Care

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Kohler's Archer tub is only 19 inches high (so easier to step over) but because of the drain design, the water depth is 15 inches. It is a very comfortable tub to sit in and even thought the arm rests it has look small, they are actually very nice. It has lots of very good reviews on various websites.
Fifteen inches is not too deep. Remember you don't have to fill it all the way up.

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Despite some good reviews, I didn't find the Bancroft comfortable. The Archer is rather narrow for its outside width. The Expanse looks comfortably wide, if not especially deep (but adequate).

Don't worry if the tub you like isn't available with an integral tile flange; as long as the manufacturer says the tub can be used with an accessory tile flange attachment you're good to go, and you'll have alot more choices, especially in the larger sizes or for jetted/air tubs.

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