WANTED: Swap Box is on it's way!!

beachlily z9aMay 29, 2011

The stars and moon came together rather quicker than I thought! Assembled what I think is a pleasing box and put it in the mail, but now just need to wait to see if my swap partner agrees. Oh, mercy!! Pace .... pace .... pace .... Understand, it's my first swap.

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It is always exciting when the first swap box arrives. Can't wait to see what you sent your partner. Well done getting it mailed so quickly.


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Really!!! I'm still reading my partner's old posts looking for clues. I'm getting ideas though! Congrats on being the first.

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I'm still getting ideas too.

But I do know that Beachlily isn't the first one to mail. I heard back from another "swapper" last week that her box was in the mail. Although it might not be the first to arrive.


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Wow wee wow! You are all on top of things! I have found one item - still have two to go! I also have my packing box ready... -maria

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Yes, I am in total agreement!!!!! It is a VERY pleasing box indeed and I thank you enormously.

See my new thread with all my fabulous goodies.

Thanks again beachlily, every item was perfect.

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Okay, I'm still waiting for that other swap box to be delivered. It must either be coming from or going to Lisa in Germany, I think. Otherwise I think it would have been delivered by now! Anyway, that is my current guess. Is Colleen playing? If so, then it could be to or from her. I received a package in one swap that was sent via a slow boat from Japan, and it was more than well worth the wait!


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