Not a happy surfer with FF7.0.1

eandhlOctober 5, 2011

Ever since update of FF I have had problems with temporary freeze "FF not responding". It fixes it self. I have uninstalled & reinstalled FF and add ons. I followed every direction that so far has been listed on this computer help forum. Yet still have the problems unless I run with add ons disabled. Has anyone found a real cure? If not any suggestions, I hate IE.

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Try Chrome or Opera.

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Dont be an unhappy surfer because of FF701.. be unhappy with your add ons. Quit adding things.. too many computers are so full of add ons they're lucky it works at all.

Remore or disable half of the add ons... if ff works fine, start narrowing it down to that half disabled one by one.

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I had the same thing happen with the latest version of the Sea Monkey Browser. I would get a spinning circle and the screen would get a white washed look but could still see the items on screen, couldn't scroll up or down or side to side.. This would happen 4-5 times in a 15 minute period. It didn't matter if I was reading online newspaper, or email. The freezing would happen and would last for several minutes. In order to fix the problem , I had to delete the default user profile and then create a new default profile.

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Can I just uninstall Java Console and real-player? Only other add-ons are yahoo toolbar and browsing protection.

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Java Console you can disable simple. That's an extension that can't uninstall easily.

Real Player.. I didn't know people still used that..
You have an anti virus program you don't need yahoo browser link protection.
Yahoo toolbar is sort of wasteful & most consider it spyware. You can just type your search terms in the url address field, with a question mark in front of any single words.

I would remove it all with RevoUninstaller in its most aggressive mode.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

if those are the only add ons you have I would not think that is your problem those are pretty standard ones.
Try running firefox in firefox safe mode that would let you know if anything added on is causing it.

Safe Mode

it could well be a corrupt profile as was mentioned.

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I am running in safe mode. I do not have problems in safe mode.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I had to just help my sister go back to version 6.0 she could not run 7 it was freezing up and going no where.

Mozilla Firefox 6.0 - Download

should you need to go that route here it is

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Do I just go to site and download 6.0 & then how do you uninstall 7.0.1?
I am not tech savvy and not sure what above posters mean by "corrupt profile". I have no problems in safe mode.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

just go to the link I provided click the big download now button follow the prompts from the wizard go with standard install it will install 6 for you. Just be sure when it is all done that you do not hit the update button it will pop up for you to update to 7! My sister did that and we had to go through it all over again.
Once it is all done I close out firefox then reopen and go up to Help at the top then About firefox and check to make sure you have version 6. You do not have to do anything else it did it for you.

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If you chose to overwrite v7.0.1 to return to v6.0.2, or chose to delete and do a fresh install is your decision. My position has been clear for years.

If you do decide to delete the one version before installing the other be sure to decline the offering to delete all personal information. If you accept the offering the new install will be bare-bones without any prior add-ons, preferences or bookmarks. They will all have been deleted.


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