Firefox won't let me access-

papillon1October 7, 2013

my banking bill payer. I recently got a new computer using windows 8. I've always used Firefox but now for some reason I cannot use the bill payer. I can use and see my accounts, etc. And if I use IE I can use it. Can anyone explain why I can't use it on Firefox?? This computer also has McAfee (I used Avast) could that have something to do with it? I am very frustrated!

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I don't think McAfee would cause issue for just 1 browser.

I don't know what "bill payer" is, so what error do you get? Is it a connection error type.

The bill payer thing worked before you started using Windows 8 and with Firefox?


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If Internet Explorer works, I think you've solved the problem yourself.

There are a couple of websites I visit from time to time that seem to choke on my normal browser. So I use a different browser, that ends the problem and I move on. You can do the same and end your frustration.

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Yes, zep516, I was always able to access my bill payer with Firefox before I got Windows 8, (I used Firefox exclusively) that is what I find so odd. I can log on to the site but I can't see the bill pay program. It just says 'warning: you are logged on to bill payer do you want to log out'.

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I don't know the answer. Wonder if the bank knows? Certainly others maybe using it with win 8 an Firefox.

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Thanks for your help. I found the answer - I had to allow 3rd party cookies.

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Being of simple mind as I am wont to be I find it difficult to believe that a "bill payer" bank site would require acceptance of third party cookies before allowing access.

I think I might be looking at that very closely if it were my account, like a friendly discussion with the bank.

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